Mauritius – Minister Of Education Launches Evening Schools

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Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, Minister of Education, announced a project to monitor private lessons as it launched the Mauritius Institute of Education’s virtual campus on Wednesday (February 8th).

Leela Devi-Dookun said that the Ministry of Education is working on a project so that students take less private lessons. It is our priority project right now. According to information gathered from the department, there had been a meeting even on Wednesday, February 8, to discuss it. However, we say we want to put it in place before we talk about it. It appears that part of the project will be to make all school materials available online. It is already believed that with the launch of the Massive Empowered Classroom, a project that will allow access to online materials, students will not need any special lessons.

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In addition, a series of measures will be put in place to allow students to have as much equipment as possible at home. It is reported that it is hoped that this will discourage individual lessons, but above all, the desire for a level playing field. Thus, the students, who have the means, and those who have less, will all have the same material. Moreover, the ministry does not rule out crack down on teachers, who coach. Later, there could be regulations similar to the abolition of Standard 4 lessons.

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