Marcelo Odebrecht Confirms Payment To Ex-president Lula

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By interim Marcelo Odebrecht, in his testimonies of an awarding ceremony that takes place in Curitiba, confirmed payments made to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, also in kind. The information is from the newspaper “Valor Econômico”.

In a statement, Lula’s defense said he did not comment on “speculation of giving”. According to the “Value”, the payments, according to the former president of Odebrecht, originated in the company’s Structured Operations Sector, which, according to the investigations, was dedicated to the payment of bribes to public agents.

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The use of the sector for this purpose was revealed earlier this year by the former secretary of Marcelo, Maria Lúcia Guimarães Tavares, who made a deed agreement.

What was reported by Marcelo, according to “Valor”, is consistent with the Federal Police’s line of investigation within the scope of the Lava-Jet.

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According to the investigations, Lula may have received up to R $ 23 million. Investigations also point out that the codename “amigo”, which is in the seized worksheets of the Structured Operations Sector, is a reference to Lula.

Marcelo Odebrecht has already given some testimony to the Task Force in Curitiba, where he has been imprisoned since June 2015. He has been speaking to Lava-Jato prosecutors in the presence of his lawyers

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