Man lures taxi driver to construction site and murdered him in cold blood

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This is the heartbreaking video of Police interrogation of  Nigerian man who lured a taxi driver to a building site and killed him by hitting him with heavy plank of wood. The Culprit took the drivers and and drove to lagos about 2 hundred kilometers from Benin city where the incident took place.

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When police intercepted the him at a police check point at about 2 am in the morning, they  siezed by the police because his driving licence did not correspond tio the other vehicle documents. Meanwhile, he pleaded with the police to allow him to go.

As soon as the police tried to stop another on coming vehicle, he escaped. After some days he thought to himself that he did not gain anything from the murder of the taxi man, so he decided to switch on the deceased phone and ask for a ransome of $30 from late drivers relatives.

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It was on the process of trying to get ransome from the late drivers relatives that police investigating the matter apprehended him.


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