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Man Gets Stuck To Girlfriend While Banging Her From The Back




Schools Resume Following Cholera Outbreak in Malawi



Schools in Malawi’s two largest cities, Lilongwe and Blantyre, have reopened after a two-week suspension caused by a cholera outbreak. The bacterial illness has killed close to 800 people, more than 100 of them children, and affected more than 25,000.

Malawi’s government announced measures to prevent cholera from spreading in schools, including fixing broken boreholes and water taps in the schools and banning the sale of cooked food around school premises. Additionally, the U.N.’s children’s agency, UNICEF, has started distributing anti-cholera supplies in schools in areas most affected by the outbreak.

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However, despite these measures, the government has warned that they may close the schools again if the outbreak spreads among students at an unmanageable level. This news has caused visible excitement among students when schools reopened Tuesday in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Many students were worried about the closure’s impact on their ability to pass national examinations this year. Ronnie Lutepo, a student at Michiru View secondary school in Blantyre, said returning to the school was the best thing he hoped for. “Yes, as I was at home my mum was telling me to study, but being in an examination class affected me badly,” he said. “We are all supposed to be here and ready for the exams and if we are not ready, we are not going to get good grades.”

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The reopening of the schools is an important step in preventing the further spread of cholera. However, it is crucial for the government and schools to continue to take necessary precautions to protect the students and staff from this deadly disease.

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These Are The Reasons Why You Have Premature Ejaculation And How To Stop It.



prejature ejaculation, causes and solutions

Premature ejaculation is a situation where a man releases semen as soon as he penetrated the female’s vagina. For some, it can happen from few seconds to 2 minutes into vaginal sex. Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing situations that a man can find himself. A large number of men suffer varying degrees of premature ejaculation. There are two main causes of premature ejaculation and they are as follow:

1. Anxiety

This is usually caused by a man having so much respect 0r irrational fear of the lady he wants to have sex with. The thought of the fact that this is a rare opportunity and the uncertainty of what was about to happen makes a lot men ejaculate instantly.

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For example, you met a very gorgeous lady that you assume to be superior, and then one thing led to the other and you guys are now about to have sex. You don’t know if she is really comfortable with what you are doing and the emotional hype of the moment makes the guy ejaculates prematurely.

Also if the lady is a very beautiful girl that you have worked so hard to convince her, you are very likely to experience premature ejaculation because of anxiety and inferiority complex. The remedy is to build your self confidence and do not see any girl as a demi-god

2. Desperation

Domestic misunderstanding is a frequent cause of premature ejaculation in relationships. If the girl is not comfortable with having sex with you, then, you are likely to end up in premature ejaculation because you are desperate to penetrate her.

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To correct this, you must make peace with your partner. Ask her to help you by giving you her consent to have sex and having sex with you with all her heart.

3. Guilt

Some people sleep with married women or other females that are not there partners, as a result they feel guilty and are scared of being caught in the act. These triggers a chain of events in the brain that stimulates the responsible hormone to make the man ejaculate quickly.

Also, if you are having sex in an in-conducive environment where you are very likely to be caught, you will most certainly have premature ejaculation the moment you hear the sound of someone’s approach. Remedy, do not have sex with married women or your friend’s girlfriends, and stay indoors.

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Generally, note that premature ejaculation works with a positive feedback mechanism. This means that one premature ejaculation begats another. Because it is an ugly incident that has started, all your mind will be on it next time you wanna have sex and this makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. This is because all your mind has been there and you are so fixated and afraid of it repeating again.

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Beautiful, Intelligent, 19 Years Old Girl Aspiring To Study Medicine In University Dies



19-year-old Cynthia Uzochukwu aspires to be a medical doctor and hence worked towards that direction which made her score 233 in the just written Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

It is, however, sad that the young lady did not live long enough to gain admission into any tertiary institution.

Her facebook wall was filled with messages of grief, pain and mourning.

A facebook user known as Uzochukwu Love Pascal who claimed to be the brother of the deceased paid tribute to his sister explaining how much Cynthia desired to be a medical doctor.

He wrote, ” My sis Cynthia Uzochukwu made her jamb and wen she was alive she told me, ‘ brother I will become a treat mum and my siblings…I laugh at her n she say brother u will see it…now am seeing that you’re really a doctor because you are on step u front….i’m always proud of u,I will always love u Dr Cynthia Anurika Uzochukwu”

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Another sibling of hers with the facebook name, Sharpay Uzoh wrote, ” My baby sis,the more I think about you the more I shed tears,I know it will be hard for me without my only sis, my partner in crime…love you so much…RIP.


“With tears on my eye????????????,I don’t believe it that my only sister is gone,my Cynthia,my princess.. Plz woke up ,I want to play with you,plz wke up,plz plz plz…rest in peace..(RIP).

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“When am 1year and 9 months,mum gave birth to you Cynthia on 25th august 1998,Cynthia all the memories we share together I cherish it,now you left me on 15th June 2017,you make me weak and make mum weak too,Cynthia my love,I came back nobody is der to excort me to an errand,I try to sleep no way am waiting for you to call me Chiamaka cum let me gist you..Cynthia my baby sister,we use to call you amigo,the last time I came back you told me “girl am taller than you now what happen,I told you to chill I will eat more bean”but now you are no more…babym I promise to remember you all.,.Farewell”

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According to this sister’s post, Cynthia is to be buried in Anambra on the 6th of this Month.

She wrote, “Cynthia carol is on 5th July time 4:00pm and her Candle night is on 5th time 7:30pm ,..all in black …say farewell to her cos her body will leave Aba to Anambra on 6th July.”


This was Cynthia’s last facebook post;

Cynthia’s Jamb score


See other posts by sister.


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Meet Samuel Achilefu, The Biafran – American Who Invented Goggles That Sees Cancerous Cells



There are indeed many talented chaps in Biafraland; these people are not only creative, some of them are intelligent too and have the ability to invent things that are remarkable and useful to those in the society and outside it.

The invented goggles made by Achilefu can help surgeons see cancerous cells during surgery.
The invented goggles made by Achilefu can help surgeons see cancerous cells during surgery.
Samuel Achilefu is a Biafran who was born in the mid-60s, during the period when the First Biafran civil war was on. His father as at that time was working with hospitals and clinics before the war started. It was in the war broke out.
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The Biafran war affected thousands of Biafrans who had to relocate and move away from the heat of the war. Achilefu and his family members were forced to leave the north and relocate to the east.This made them lose all they had as they could not leave with all their things. He, along with everyone else, lived with his uncle who took them in for about year before his father built a house and they all settled in.
The darkness according to the Nigerian genius is useful in viewing the cancer cells.

The darkness according to the Biafran genius is useful in viewing the cancer cells.
For people who are used to having everything they want, it was a pretty difficult phase as they had to learn to live with other people and share things with them. The war indeed scarred many people and this till date, affected lots of them.

Achilefu however, did not let this stop him or mar his future. His father tried doing everything he can to push his family forward by making them learn some morals from the incidence. He made inscriptions on the wall of the new house and laid emphasis on a true life fact. You can lose your wealth but never lose a good name.This inscription changed Achilefu’s life and molded him into the man he has become.

The young boy whose childhood memories are filled with disturbing scenes from the Biafra war and the loss of wealth has made a name for himself in the eradication of cancer all over the world.

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And to think that such tremendous work came from a Biafran is truly amazing. Achilefu had his primary and secondary education in some local schools in Biafra.

However, he was lucky enough to have been one of the five students who won a French government scholarship and this made him attend a graduate school in France where he received a PhD in molecular and materials chemistry at the University of Nancy.

Achilefu made his family and Biafra proud with his activities outside the country. He got to St. Louis and became the first full-time staff member of the discovery research department at Mallinckrodt Medical Inc.

The Biafran genius was able to achieve what he has because of his educational background. This made him hold the belief that Biafran children can change the world if they have the opportunity to do so.

He stated that he had the opportunity to meet some smart Biafran children in the village school he attended during the war. These kids, according to him, never had the opportunity to move forward and change the world.

As a result of this, he has it in mind to create an institute that will help reach out to and train the smart kids in the low-resource areas of the world. To accomplish this, a certain number of children will be identifies yearly for comprehensive training and support through college.

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While talking on the greatest breakthrough in the battle against cancer, the Biafran genius said “We are working in the dark, so that we can see the light…therefore, there is no darkeness unless you cannot see the light.”

At the moment, he is the chief of Optical Radiology Laboratory and a professor of radiology at the Washington University School of Medicine. He has designed high tech goggles that will help surgeons see and identify cancer cells which are pretty difficult to see during surgery.

With the use of the invented goggles, the cancerous cells glow blue; this will help doctors ensure that there is no tumor cell left during and after the operation.

Due to this brilliant invention; Achilefu in January 2015 got the St.Louis award which is always doled out every year since 1932. The award is to recognize area residents whose hard-work and achievements has made positive impacts in the community.

The Nigerian genius with his wife and children.

The Biafran genius with his wife and children.
Achilefu who got married to his wife twenty-one years ago was also recognized for leading the team that developed the high-tech goggles that will help surgeons see cancer.The father of two is not stopping at this as he has the intention of inventing a light-based cancer therapy that can help in reaching tumors in deep tissue.“I want to play a role in eradicating cancer or making it a manageable disease. Toward this goal, we have developed a new approach to kill cancer cells, independent of the cancer type.

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“There is a method of killing cancer with light – photodynamic therapy. People use it to treat superficial cancers, such as skin cancer, because the cancer has to be reachable by light to activate a light-sensitive drug. Or you can use an endoscope to introduce light to activate and kill cancer cells inside the body.

“We’ve discovered a new approach of using existing radiopharmaceuticals to create a light source within the tumor cells. We have tested this concept with success in animal models of cancer and plan to move into human studies in future.”

With this, it is justifiable for one to say there are so many talented Biafrans in diaspora. Note that Dr. Mustapha Abubakar was also recognized as one of the hundred people called Arewa legends for the role he has played in cancer research.

Abubakar continues in his search to find the treatment and cure for cancer.

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China Floods African Markets With Poisonous Synthetic Rice

With the Federal Government’s announcement of imminent famine next year coupled with Nigeria’s craze for imported goods, experts have raised the alarm of possible flooding of the Nigerian market with harmful ‘plastic rice.”



Since 2011, the world was alerted to the industrial manufacture of rice by Chinese firms.

In a report by the Korean Times on the growing menace, the newspaper said; “China famous for having all, making all, has now been reported to have made rice out of plastic and has distributed it.

“The Korean-language Weekly Hong Kong in Hong Kong quoted Singapore media that “Fake rice made out of plastic is massively sold on the Chinese market.”

“According to the report, some distributors are selling fake rice in Taiyuan, Shaanxi Province, and this rice is a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic.

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“This ‘plastic rice’ is made by forming potatoes and sweet potatoes into rice-like shape, then adding industrial synthetic resins,” said a food expert. “Since the rice is different from normal rice, it is hard like stone even when cooked.

Moreover, the synthetic resin in it is very harmful to the human body.”

One Chinese restaurant association official warns that eating three bowls of ‘plastic rice’ is the same as eating one vinyl bag. He added that since the rice is very dangerous there would be strict investigation on the rice factory.

But Nigerians can determine if the rice they have is genuine or not by following any of the simple tests:

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The water test
Pour a tablespoon of raw rice into a glass filled with cold water and mix vigorously. If the rice falls to the bottom of the glass, everything is fine, if on the contrary it floats on the surface, be vigilant, because it surely contains plastic!

The fire test
Using a lighter and a match, burn a handful of rice. If it catches fire and smells of burnt plastic, you know what to do! Do not eat it!

The mortar and pestle test
When molding a few grains of rice with a mortar and pestle, the powder should be quite white. For artificial rice, you will notice a yellow discoloration instead.

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The mold test
If you want to be sure that you do not risk anything with your cooked rice, put a small amount into a tupperware and leave it in a warm place. In a few days, mold will have to appear, otherwise it is that your rice is artificial.

This is how to get it right: is the rice you buy natural or artificial? Show these diff tips to all your friends so they do not take the risk of eating plastic.


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Alarm – Nigeria Gov’t Floods Market With Deadly Dangote Rice




Alarm: Nigeria government in conjunction with Dangote floods Nigerian market with deadly GMO Dangote poisonous Rice

Alarm… Dangote and Nigerian government have flooded Nigerian market with GMO rice, please note: eating GMO rice is as worst as eating rice laced with rat poison popularly known as sniper in Nigeria, that is extremely dangerous to human body, GMO products are banned all over Europe due to its deadly effects. (Please SHARE this INFORMATION to create awareness and save lives).


The dangers of genetically modified food to the health and the environment surpasses the advantages.

Those that stand to gain are the multinational biotech companies controlling food supply around the world and they will eventually force the local farmers out of the market.
Some Genetically Modified products are modified using bacteria and viruses, thus there is fear that there could be an emergence of new diseases.

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GMOs are said to increase the risk of certain cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

According to studies carried out by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) on GM foods, it showed organ damage, gastro intestinal and immune system disorders, including accelerated aging and infertility in lab animals.

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Research has identified that toxins emanating from GMOs have been found in maternal and fetal blood. Other compounds are also found in genetically modified foods that trigger early puberty and infertility. The DNAs of GMO can be passed to humans that consume them.
Dependency on foreign companies that created and control GM foods and agricultural practices is another point of consideration by its introduction.

There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.



A proposal to incorporate a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans was abandoned because of the fear of causing unexpected allergic reactions. Extensive testing of GM foods may be required to avoid the possibility of harm to consumers with food allergies.

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A major disadvantage of this technology is the contamination of natural varieties due to the wind causing pollen drift. Farmers that utilize these products as well as agencies that would supposedly “regulate” them cannot guarantee natural varieties would not become contaminated.

There is also a growing concern that introducing foreign genes into food plants may have an unexpected and negative impact on human health.




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