Mali: arrest of criminal gangs

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More than a dozen robbers have been arrested in flagrante delicto in northern Mali. Malian soldiers have made numerous arrests on the road between Gao and Menaka.

It had been several days since a band of robbers raged in the area. Shepherds had reported to the Malian military that armed individuals were trying to extort a tax on them from the size of their herds. The soldiers from Gao started to patrol this vast semi-desert area between the cities of Menaka and Ansongon.

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Tuesday, January 9, it is near Indelimane that took place the net. Fourteen men on motorbikes armed with machine guns were pointing at a transport vehicle. When the Malian soldiers arrived, the attackers were separating the passengers. The soldiers surrounded them at a safe distance to counter any attempt to escape and arrested everyone without a single shot.

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The fourteen individuals were transferred to Gao to be identified. Several security sources argue that they are likely to belong to an armed group, signatory to the peace agreement.

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