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Madagascar – The Noose Is Tightening Around Troublemakers



Take strict measures against the destabilizing is the reference given in Government Council on Tuesday. His vis-à-vis implementation of individual freedoms could debate. The firmness. Now, this could be the motto of the executive vis-à-vis the “acts of destabilization”. According to the press release relating to Tuesday’s government council at the State Palace Mahazoarivo, Solonandrasana Mahafaly Olivier, Prime Minister gave instructions to all members of the government, but especially to the three ministries in charge of security on taking strict measures against any sponsor and any destabilizing action actor. The proximity of the government council and the manifestation of the party Tiako i Madagasikara (Tim) would indicate a relationship of cause and effect.

The tenant Mahazoarivo has particularly said Monday that the State intends to take measures accordingly to the event on Saturday, calling it illegal. In an interview to be published in the newspaper L’Hebdo de Madagascar tomorrow, the head of government, however, says that its instructions are aimed any entity or individual. That these general measures. General Xavier Blessed Rasolofonirina, Minister of National Defense also claims that this is a general guideline to preserve public order.

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According to the explanations of the member of the government, the prime minister’s instructions imply that now, officials at all levels of government should be uncompromising in applying texts concerning the safeguarding of public order. “This is an anticipation. So action will be taken against any threat to the public order and state security, “added the general officer. To hear his explanations, all those who, by their actions or their words tend to jeopardize these two concepts will be summoned to explain. If necessary, it will be Justice to decide. The Defense Minister reminded that besides parliamentarians, no one has immunity.

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The scope of the Prime Minister instructions could however start the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. In response, the Defense Minister highlights the Article 10 of the Constitution. This provides that freedom of opinion and expression, communication, press, association, assembly, movement, conscience and religion are guaranteed to all and can not be limited by the respect of freedoms and rights of others and the need to safeguard public order, national dignity and state security.

Contactees lawyers concede that the assessment of risks to public order, in its decision making, belongs to the government. For this, the leaders are based on information. As pointed Solonandrasana Olivier Mahafaly in the interview, the risk level indicated by the information motivated the prohibition of the event organized by Tim party on Saturday. Only certain facts suggest that the maintenance of public order is often used to ban some of the rights provided for in Article 10 of the Constitution.

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“In normal times, freedom is the rule and limited exception”, agree to affirm contacted lawyers. The exceptional situation, such as explained by the Basic Law allows the strict limitation of freedoms. We’re still not there yet, they add. The exceptional situation must be proclaimed by the President of the Republic under the Constitution. One of them, however, that when the perception of risk to public order is permanent, it can be perceived as a sign of acknowledgment that the state has difficulty managing the situation. Another lawyer said that such cases could be a sign of fallibility in preserving order and security.

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Tropical Storm Cheneso Devastates Madagascar, 30 Killed



Madagascar has been struck by Tropical Storm Cheneso, the first of the year for the Indian Ocean island nation. The storm, which made landfall on January 19th, has resulted in the death of 30 people with 20 still missing. Additionally, nearly 37,000 people have been displaced due to the flooding and landslides caused by the storm.

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Catastrophic Consequences

According to the government’s Office for Risk and Disaster Management, the toll from Cheneso is higher than originally reported, with the death toll rising from 16 last week to 30 currently. This follows a disastrous year in 2020, when four major storms hit Madagascar resulting in 138 deaths and leaving 130,000 without homes.

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Displaced and Distressed

The displacement of nearly 37,000 people is a major cause of concern for the Madagascan government. With thousands of citizens forced to leave their homes, the need for emergency relief and support is at an all-time high. The government is working to provide aid to those affected by the storm, but the task at hand is a difficult one.

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Tropical Storm Cheneso has had a devastating impact on Madagascar, resulting in the loss of lives and displacement of thousands. The Madagascan government is working to provide aid and support to those affected, but the consequences of the storm will be felt for some time to come.

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Madagascar – Cyclone Enawo, 81 dead, 18 Missing, Children Worst Affected



The record left by Cyclone Enawo is getting worse by the day. Latest figures 81 deaths, 18 missing and nearly 425,000 victims, according to the BNGRC (National Bureau of Risk and Natural Disaster Management). At least 700 schools have been destroyed in full or in part, 2,000 classrooms awaiting repair and leaving no less than 60,000 children without classes. Not to mention the public schools occupied by the victims who deprive students of these schools of courses. The children of the disaster victims and the displaced are already deprived of school by force of circumstances.

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All these problems affect children, particularly those in public schools. Already they have a low level compared to the students of denominational or private schools, in addition they can not enjoy courses for these many reasons, either they will leave school too soon, or they will accumulate their academic delay. UNICEF has just sent materials to deal with emergencies. Temporary school tents and school kits will be distributed in the affected areas in addition to medicines for malaria and diarrhea, which are currently wreaking havoc. On the other hand, Reunion Island firefighters deemed to have been deployed in Madagascar in the aftermath of Cyclone Enawo returned empty-handed.

According to the daily newspaper, they were among the first to react and offer their expertise. They disembarked in Madagascar with 4 tons of material to bring relief and help disaster victims in the northeast coastal area of ​​the Big Island. The 70 firefighters from Reunion arrived at Ivato airport in Antananarivo and wanted to go directly to their area of ​​intervention but they were forced to return home with their 4 tons of material intended for the victims. Indeed, the Malagasy government has asked that the aid be deposited in Antananarivo and not directly on the claim area. Reunion Island firefighters waited for an authorization from their diplomatic hierarchy, but the latter also stopped because Madagascar did not send an official request. So they returned empty-handed from this mission … Two detachments had been part of this group: 40 people to go as close as possible to the victims and 30 people for medical assistance.

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The HVM claimed the candidacy of Hery Rajaonarimampianina

On the way to 2018. As the good old times of the socialist revolution, the HVM activists in regional



On the way to 2018. As the good old times of the socialist revolution, the HVM activists in regional congress in Fianarantsoa last weekend have “solicited the candidacy of Hery Rajaonarimampianina in 2018”. The next regional conferences will be held in Toamasina and Antsiranana.

It is certain that the delegates of other cities will also demand the candidacy of the Head of State. And when the latter will announce his candidacy as planned he will say that he is only responding to the expectations of the people.

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Rivo Rakotovao, President-in-Office of the HVM, very proud to announce at the end of the regional congress that the HVM is the strongest party in Madagascar now, given the large number of its elected officials.

It remains 2 years before the presidential elections so as much time to make sure to win the next elections according to the president of the HVM. The instructions of Rivo Rakotovao are clear, it is necessary to work hard to win the next presidential. As for working hard to earn his salary now, no deposit

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