Madagascar – Cyclone Enawo, 81 dead, 18 Missing, Children Worst Affected

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The record left by Cyclone Enawo is getting worse by the day. Latest figures 81 deaths, 18 missing and nearly 425,000 victims, according to the BNGRC (National Bureau of Risk and Natural Disaster Management). At least 700 schools have been destroyed in full or in part, 2,000 classrooms awaiting repair and leaving no less than 60,000 children without classes. Not to mention the public schools occupied by the victims who deprive students of these schools of courses. The children of the disaster victims and the displaced are already deprived of school by force of circumstances.

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All these problems affect children, particularly those in public schools. Already they have a low level compared to the students of denominational or private schools, in addition they can not enjoy courses for these many reasons, either they will leave school too soon, or they will accumulate their academic delay. UNICEF has just sent materials to deal with emergencies. Temporary school tents and school kits will be distributed in the affected areas in addition to medicines for malaria and diarrhea, which are currently wreaking havoc. On the other hand, Reunion Island firefighters deemed to have been deployed in Madagascar in the aftermath of Cyclone Enawo returned empty-handed.

According to the daily newspaper, they were among the first to react and offer their expertise. They disembarked in Madagascar with 4 tons of material to bring relief and help disaster victims in the northeast coastal area of ​​the Big Island. The 70 firefighters from Reunion arrived at Ivato airport in Antananarivo and wanted to go directly to their area of ​​intervention but they were forced to return home with their 4 tons of material intended for the victims. Indeed, the Malagasy government has asked that the aid be deposited in Antananarivo and not directly on the claim area. Reunion Island firefighters waited for an authorization from their diplomatic hierarchy, but the latter also stopped because Madagascar did not send an official request. So they returned empty-handed from this mission … Two detachments had been part of this group: 40 people to go as close as possible to the victims and 30 people for medical assistance.

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