Libyan Parliament in Tripoli names Sadiq Al-Kehili Speaker for 6 months

Libyan House of Representatives elects new Speaker for six months. [Photo: Libyan Express]

The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) which is convening in Tripoli with over 50 members refusing the war on Tripoli, which is backed up by the members convening in Tobruk, eastern Libya, has elected a new Speaker for the six coming months. 

Sadiq Al-Kehili has been elected by the HoR members to be the Speaker and was given authorities to name his secretary and undersecretary.

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After Khalifa Haftar had launched his attack on Tripoli, over 50 members of the HoR started convening in the Tripoli parliament headquarters in Rixos Compound, which was in late April bombed by an airstrike by Haftar’s forces in retaliation.

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The Speaker of the HoR in Tobruk Aquila Saleh is in support of Haftar and his military operations in Tripoli and elsewhere in the country.

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Saleh has also been very bold in his tackling of the Libyan crisis, always backing up military escalation and calling for more force and fighting in the name of “fighting militias, Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.”

Speaker Saleh went as far as proposing days ago to shut down oil production, citing abuse of its revenues by the National Oil Corporation and the government in Tripoli.

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