Libya freed 13 foreigners from Syria by government forces

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An Egyptian, a Turk and Eritrean eleven were released Saturday by the forces of the Libyan government of national unity (GNA) during their offensive to retake Sirte Islamic State group (EI), said these forces.
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Eleven women were probably imprisoned jihadists, have they said in a statement.

Pro-GNA forces also managed to capture a “zone after three days of fighting with Daech pockets of resistance (in Arabic acronym of AEs) that were besieged it,” have they added, stressing that “search operations are underway.”

The reconquest of Sirte operation, bastion of EI in Libya, progresses in fits and starts since its launch on 12 May loyalist forces regularly conducting offensives news interspersed with quiet periods.

Pro-GNA forces formed especially by armed groups from Misrata (west), have regained most of Sirte, a city located 450 km east of Tripoli, at the price of fighting that over 550 dead and some 3,000 wounded in their ranks.

Saturday again six loyalist fighters were killed in clashes with jihadists in Sirte, said on his Facebook page the hospital in Misrata.

The death toll in the ranks of the fighters EI is not known.

Libya is a transit point for hundreds of thousands of migrants, particularly from Africa, seeking to reach Europe. Libyan coasts within 300 kilometers from Italy.

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