Liberian Lawmakers Dispel Hummingbird Bribery

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The Editor,
Denying rumors of bribery, Rep. Matenokay Tingban [aka Chump Change Tingban] says the bribery accusation is false and misleading. He describe it as “blackmail”. (Re “Liberian Lawmakers Dispel Hummingbird U.S$1.5 Bribery”)
Yeah right… 
But do you believe anything these born rogues tell you? Please. Bribery is their M.O (modus operandi)! Even my Happy Corner people have more creditability than Chump Change Tingban! Crooks, liars and thieves (born rogues) earned their reputations over a period of time. Allow me to show you how these lawmakers earned their reputation as born rogues:
Since 2006, Liberian lawmakers have been taking bribes to pass budget, to enact laws, to confirm presidential appointees, and to ratify concession agreements… Here are some examples:
1) In 2009, Rep. Edward S. Fraud (CDC-District#16, Monsterrado County) was accused of receiving bribes (lobbying fees) from Harry Greaves, Managing Director, Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC). Greaves paid an undisclosed sum of money to lawmakers for a concession agreement to be ratified! (Re “Paid for Lunch & Dinner: Greaves Admits Bribing Lawmakers, Forh Under Probe, FPA, 04/02/09)

No one was indicted, but Rep. Edward Fraud got a PhD in Eating Government Money!

2) During that same year (2009), lawmakers received US$80,000 as their “cold water” (bribes) from the Mr. Albert Bropleh, Chairman of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority, to pass the Liberian Telecommunications Act.  The Senate and House passed the Act–100 to 0!! (Re “Mockery of Corruption Fight, LTA’s Suspended Bropleh Still Enjoys Immunities, FPA)

Mr. Bropleh is behind bars because when the judge told him to “fart, lemme smell it”, he (Bropleh) refused.
3) In 2010, we learned that “Honorable” Moses Kickback Kollie,  Chairman of the House Committee on Concessions was “paid” 6% in company shares (International Consultant Capital) to push legislation to reduce ICC’s annual fees by 80 percent.  (Re “When Lawmakers Break the Law; Poor, Innocent Liberians Left to Suffer”)
Even though “Honorable” Kickback Kollie was bribed to push such legislation, he was never indicted for corruption.
Today, Kickback Kollie is free as a bird. He wanders the streets, looking for water police to bang!
4)  In 2011 Rep, Alomiza Barbie Doll Ennos (CDC-District#1, Monsterrado County) was accused of receiving US$80,000 as “cold water” (lobbying fees) from NOCAL’s Board of Bribers to ratify oil contracts. Remember that US$80,000 is the benchmark.  Anything less is an insult (Re “Several Gov’t Officials Linked to Bribery, Liberian Observer). No one was indicted, but Rep. Ennos claimed the number one spot on the National Legislature Corruption Index!  Humpty Dumpty Tyler was a close second.

5) And speaking of Humpty Dumpty Tyler: In 2016, the former Speaker was indicted for corruption and bribery in the Global Witness Scandal. Several government officials, including lawmakers were busted for receiving US$950,000 in bribe money from a British Company (Sable Mining) to make changes to the Concession Law in their favor.

Do you see a pattern of bribery here?  I do!
Since these people are known for taking kickbacks, there is good reason for you and me to suspect that they are demanding kickbacks before they ratify the Hummingbird Concession Agreement. So, let’s get this straight: If it acts like a crook, talks like a crook, and quacks like a crook, it’s a damn crook! right?
The reason people are accusing lawmakers of demanding kickback is because our lawmakers are known crooks!
Martin Scott,
Atlanta, Georgia

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