Liberia: Lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah Describes George Weah as Dictator after His Children Party Went Bloody

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MONROVIA – Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Yarkpawolo Kolubah Sunday, January 20, went rambling with President George Manneh Weah, accusing the Liberian leader of being “a tyrant and a dictator.”

Report by Alaskai Moore Johnson, [email protected]

According to Rep. Kolubah, they had gathered on the Ford-Madden Christian Academy campus on Smythe Road, Old Road, when they were about to kick-off a program that he had organized for the kids in the district, a group of young people he said were “Cdicians” came and disrupted the program.

Rep. Yekeh Kolobah and the kids had gathered on the campus of the Ford-Madden Christian Academy on the Old Road

“On the Old
Road today, I was having a program for the children in my district; while we
were gearing up for the program, we saw some Cdicians, who can be recognized
and identified by me. They came in and it was only by the help of my security
that I was protected,” he stated.

According to
him, people were wounded from the stones that were allegedly thrown by the
rioters, who came and disrupted his program.

“I called the Director of Police on nine different occasions, in the presence of Hon. Thomas Gosuah and they refused to come. Only for the Director of Police to tell me that the President had given him instruction not to arrest anyone on the scene because those who had come to disrupt are all Cdicians.”

Rep. Kolubah said he had called the Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue but didn’t come immediately

further at a press conference he had hastily organized in the office of a
police officer, Unit 106, he stated that he has got video evidence in which one
of those who had gone to disrupt his program said Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson
Koijee allegedly told him “not to calm down.”

Copy of the
20-second video, which is in the procession of this newspaper, the bare-chested
man is being urged to calm down but he refuses.

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Speaker: “Mr.
Vah, you just have to calm down; you just have to calm down small. The law will
take its course.”

Vah: “I can’t
calm down; my chief told me not to calm down; my chief Koijee told me not to
calm down. I want see Yekeh laying down.” Probably another of the rioter, who
only has his voice in the same recording and not his face said, too: “Yekeh can
send our brothers to free jail for things that they have not done and nothing
can come out of it.”

According to workers of Ford-Madden Christian Academy, these are rocks and stones that were allegedly thrown in their compound where Rep. Yekeh Kolubah had gathered children of the district together for a program

Speaking further, Rep. Kolubah, who is an open known critic of the President stated: “Only to find out that this President has decided that this police force will be President Weah’s police and not the Liberian people’s police. Because if they were the Liberian people’s police, properties were vandalized but the police chose not to arrest anyone because of what the Director of Police Patrick Sudue told me that the President told him that he should only arrest my security and not any other person.

“We said it to the Liberian people that this President is a dictator. This President is a strong dictator. This President doesn’t mean well for the Liberian people; he is only here to enrich himself. He is only here to loot the Liberian people’s resources,” the Montserrdo County District #10 Representative went on blasting the President.

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah said he is going to get dressed as a militant beginning Tuesday

Showing that he is prepared for the on-coming fight, he emphasized that as of Tuesday, he is going to be attired as a militant.

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“As of Tuesday,
you will see me in my militant. I am going to be in my militant; I am going to
be in my militant as I enter the Capitol Building as I go to Chambers. I will
tell the Liberian people that this President is a dictator; this President is a
looter and this looter must find his way to exit this place,” he stated shouting
at the top of his voice.

Rep. Kolubah
was also furious that his personal security, who is assigned to him at the
Capitol Building, was the only person arrested and detained by the police, he
assisted on orders from President Weah.

The lawmaker is
angry that when the police officers came to restore sanity to the area, the
rioters were still around and he could identify them but the officers were not
interested in arresting any of them.

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According to
him, the bare-chested man in the video was still around but the officers, one
of whom sustained wound to his head from a flying missile (stone), didn’t care
to arrest any of the rioters.

“The President
gave the instruction that they should not make any arrest of those who came to
kill me. But they only arrested my personal security. The police can’t show any

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah accused the Liberian National Police of being a partisan police force because when they came to quiet down the riot, they didn’t arrest any of the rioters only his personal security

He also accused the Liberian National Police of being a partisan police force; adding: “This Liberian National Police is no more credible because the President has taken it to be one private security for himself. Ask the police where the complainant against my personal security is. 

He disclosed
that he had spent US$15,000 for the foodstuffs and other materials for the
program and the food had to go to waste.

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One of several huge tubs of joll-of-rice that Rep. Yekeh Kolubah had prepared for the children but couldn’t eat the rice because of the rioters, who stormed the place and began throwing stones

This newspaper went on the Ford-Madden Academy campus and took pictures of food that had been packaged for the kids but couldn’t be eaten by the children as they had to flee helter-skelter when stones and rocks began to fall in the compound. The workers of school gathered all the rocks and stones that they claimed had been thrown into their compound by the rioters.

Rep. Kolubah
also accused the President of being a brutalizer; saying: “Today, the man that
is here is worse than Charles Taylor. He is a dictator and he can brutalize
people. He sends people to brutalize people.”

As he spoke, he disclosed that he had just received information that the President plans on sending people to his house. He shouted: “Let me let him know, let me sound this as a warning: I am not going to leave my house. I will protect my people. I don’t need the police because the police will kill me instead of protecting me.

“Is this the
President that sworn to protect the people? Children had been manhandled by
your security. These people were sent by Ambassador Weah,” he stated among

Earlier reports
told this newspaper that the place where the party was being held was not
spacious enough to contain them thereby leading to the children fainting was

We verified that the children began frightened and ran for cover when stones began landing in the compound. The police even shot teargas just to get hold of the situation. Some of the kids had to be rushed to the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital when things calmed.

The police
couldn’t be reached for comment as all efforts to reach Police spokesman Moses
Carter didn’t materialize.

However, the Spokesperson for the President’s Office, Mr. Isaac Solo Kelgbeh told the FrontPageAfrica that the President was too busy doing the Liberian people’s work than to go after Yekeh Kolubah.

“Yekeh Kolubah is looking for relevance and attention from the President. He has realized that the President doesn’t have time for all of the negative things he says against him.

Mr. Isaac Solo Kelgbeh, the Presidential Spokesperson, said Rep. Yekeh Kolubah is only seeking relevance and attention from the President, who is too busy with the Liberian people work to run after anyone

“Yekeh can go ahead and continue to say what he wants to say. The President won’t go after him or anyone. The President is just too busy with the Liberian people’s work than to go after Yekeh, who wants to sow a seed of discord.”

Kelgbeh accused
the lawmaker of having nothing positive to offer his constituent before the
larger Liberian society; adding: “Yekeh can’t establish that the President was
behind what happened today.”

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