Liberia Council of Churches to ‘Meet and Invite’ Bishop Winker on ‘Prophet Declaration’

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MONROVIA – The Dominion Christian Fellowship Church’s head, Archbishop Isaac Winker, may get more condemnations this time from the ‘entire body of Christ’ under the Liberia Council of Churches, which is expected to meet to issue an official statement in response to his prophetic declaration, this newspaper has learned.

Report by Alaskai Moore Johnson, alaskai[email protected]

On Tuesday, January 22, at the thanksgiving service in commemoration of the Coalition for Democratic Change-led (CDC) government one year at the helm of power, the Archbishop prayed that ‘God’ should rise up against anyone who will rise up against the leadership of President George Manneh Weah.

Said Archbishop Winker: “I want [to] throw out one piece of challenge. I stand representing the Church to plead with you in the midst of storm, opposition, bad mouthing, don’t fail the Church. When man says it cannot happen, the God that we serve – He has called you among others to serve. Keep your hands in His hands, you’re bound to succeed.”

He added: “The enemy fights in different forms, any one, any leader with a heart for his people needs the prayer of believers – Christians and all well-meaning Liberians. Because there are forces that vowed that what you promised would not be delivered…. All the politicians in this place today here me: If you don’t support the person in power today, there will be no support for you tomorrow…”

“I decree and declare that Liberians be committed to their country with true patriotism and nationalistic spirit. If you love Liberia, you’ll not be doing what you’re doing. Those of you on social media who are painting your nation ugly, who are you harming? You’re harming yourself. If no food comes to this country, President Weah and his family would be the last people to run out of food. You need to know that.”

Consequently, sources very close to the leadership of the LCC have hinted to FrontPageAfrica that this particular phrase, “I stand representing the Church…,” has not gone down well with the LCC, which didn’t play an active part in the ruling establishment’s celebration of a year in power.

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However, responding to questions after he had read a press statement on another trending national discussion, Reverend Christopher Wleh Toe, I, Head of Secretariat, LCC, revealed to FPA that the hierarchy of the LCC has a planned meeting in which they will officially come out with the ‘Liberian Churches’’ response.

“I just want to inform you that Archbishop Isaac Winker is a part of the body of Christ. He speaks from his own point of view when he receives revelation from God,” Rev. Toe stated.

He disclosed that for the one-year-in-power celebration, the Council of Churches was unofficially invited by the organizers. 

He added: “When a ‘man of God’ takes the pulpit and he speaks from the pulpit, he speaks with authority from the pulpit.”

The LCC General Secretary, however, clarified that that at the gathering, it were not the churches of Liberia, which had come together with one voice, which was allegedly contained in the Archbishop’s prophetic statement of “I stand representing the Church…”

He added: “So, he speaks as he said ‘God has given him the utterance.’”

Rev. Toe, subsequently emphasized that the ‘Church leaders’ are expected to meet and they are going to invite the Archbishop; adding: “So that we all as a Church can be able to put this matter behind us because it has become a public debate. So the body of Christ needs to work together on how we can uplift the body of Christ.”

LCC Concerned About Violence at Yekeh’s Children Party

Rev. Toe told Liberians that the LCC is concerned and strongly calls for condemnation against the violent action carried out against peaceful Liberians who converged to celebrate a children’s party at the Ford-Madden Christian Academy, Smythe Road, Oldroad. The kids’ party was organized by Rep. Yekeh Y. Kolubah on Sunday, January 20. 

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“The Church’s concern is in wake of the uncivilized manner in which the party was disrupted by unknown persons who need to explain to the parents and families of these children as well as other peaceful loving persons [who] that had gathered for such an occasion. 

“We are also concerned about statement in a press conference issued by Hon. Kolubah about unknown gun men visiting his residence at the dark hours during which time his life was at serious risk.” 

He further said the LCC believes Liberia is a civilized state that has graduated from the “school of violence and man-hunting” and that the pathway of justice should be followed to address grief and dissatisfaction. 

“The LCC calls on the Liberia National Police to investigate the violence at the Ford-Madden School and allege shooting around the residence of Hon. Yekeh Kolubah and reveal a transparent finding for the public acquiesce.  The LCC lament that gone are the days when act of violence will be shadowed by impunity.” 

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