Liberia: Advocacy Group Frowns on Weah’s Government for ‘Laissez-fair Attitude On Cruel attacks, killings of Liberian women

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The late Jacqueline Jugbeh Anderson, a mother of three children who was found dead in Barnesville on December 29, 2018

Monrovia – The Movement for Justice in Liberia has condemned the George Weah-led government for its ‘laissez-fair’ attitude towards the wave of cruel attacks and killings of Liberian women in recent time.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh, [email protected]

The Movement’s assertions come in the wake of the mysterious deaths of Jackie Anderson, a 31-years old mother of three children and Vivian Wreh, the 15-years old girl who was reportedly ganged-raped by her killers. 

Anderson was found dead on December 29, 2018.  Prior to her death, the family said she left her mother’s house in Brewerville, Bushrod Island where she was staying and was last seeing partying with a friend at Point Four, Bushrod Island.

Vivian had gone out with friends for a party on Thursday, December 13, 2018, but did not return until her lifeless body was found the next day, according to her mother, Cameil Moore.

Although the police have arrested and sent to court one person identified as 21-years old Saah Joseph in connection to Vivian’s death, her mother still maintains that he did not commit the crime alone.

Making specific reference to these mysterious deaths, the advocacy group, based in the United States of America indicated that it was inconceivable that these killings have become ‘so prevalent in Liberia and yet the government has failed to bring the heartless perpetrators to justice.’

In a release signed by an official of the group, Ysyndi Martin-Kpeyei, the group threatened to take legal actions against the government if it fails to act appropriately in ending these “uncivilized and barbaric acts.”   

The group: “The Movement strongly condemns this act of barbarism meted out against Ms. Anderson which led to her untimely death and frowns on the Government of President George Oppong Manneh Weah for its laissez-fair attitude towards the wave of cruel attacks and killings of Liberian women in recent time.”

The late Anderson was discovered dead on December 31, 2018 at the home of a permanent resident of Barnesville and up till now Police have not ascertained the cause of death.

Two people have been arrested in connection with the killing- the owner of the house that she was found dead and a man who admitted to beating her prior to her death.

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According to him, the tussle began when an argument ensued between them after he had gone to claim his money that she owed him. 

Family sources said the two have not been charged as the house owner has been released by police on bail while the second suspect who confessed to brutalizing the late Jacqueline is still in police cell. 

‘Vicious Cycle Must Stop’

According to the group, the painful death of Ms. Anderson is just one of the many horrible attacks on women in Liberia and called on the government to intervene in ending ‘this vicious’ cycle. 

“This demonstrated silence and gross insensitivity of the government signals a sad chapter in the history of the country especially, where the prevalence of rape and murder of women don’t seem to matter anymore. This vicious circle must stop, and the Movement is prepared to go full length in challenging Mr. Weah’s government to act appropriately in protecting the lives of the Liberian people, in particular women who have become the most vulnerable to these wicked attacks. As a matter of fact, “women’s rights are human rights”. As such, it is the responsibility of the government to unconditionally ensure their safety and protection.” 

Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson, Moses Carter Confirmed to FrontPage Africa that preliminary forensic tests conducted by the Police in the presence of the family at a local funeral home showed that there were no lacerations.

Carter also added that the family is welcome to request the government for an autopsy.

“This is a routine. If the family continues to fight the issue of mysterious death, it is only an autopsy that can settle the case. And on the issue of the autopsy, the government has to bring in someone to the do the autopsy,” Carter told FPA.

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Contrary to Carter’s assertions, the family told FPA that the Ministry of Justice has clearly stated that it cannot conduct an autopsy on the deceased’s body because there was no pathologist in Liberia; adding that the government does not have the resources to hire a foreign pathologist. Hence, Ms. Anderson’s family should underwrite the cost. 

This, the Movement for Justice in Liberia said is unacceptable and must not continue unabated. It reminded the government that it is her responsibility to provide security and protection for all Liberians irrespective of their political, social and economic status.

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“The Movement considers the government’s excuse of resource constraint as irresponsible and a bad premonition for national security. Consequently, the Movement demands the government to do everything possible to hire a professional pathologist from the West African Region to conduct forensic autopsy on the body of Ms. Anderson to determine the actual cause of death which will eventually facilitate an acceptable investigation.”

Relatives Disappointed in Gender Ministry

Meanwhile, the sister of the late Jacqueline Anderson, Hawa Metzger said she is disappointment over the silenced of the Ministry of Gender and Children Protection over the inhumane death of her sister.

Metzger, who flew from the United States recently in seeking justice for the death of her sister, narrated that days after the incident, she received a message from a Facebook user who later turned out to be the Minister of Gender, Madam Piso Saydee Tarr. She narrated that the Minister expressed sympathy to her family and instructed her (Metzger) to apprise the minister with the investigation.

According to Metzger, when she asked for her identity (not knowing who she was at that time), the Minister responded days later asking Metzger if she didn’t see her name with the message. And that was all she could get from the Minister. 

“It is a shame for a gender Minister to message the family of a murdered victim of rape on social media without introducing herself or doing any follow-up on the case but asking the family to apprise her with information. It is a disgrace to Liberia, and I am very disappointed in the minister and to our Justice system,” she vented. 

Minister Tarr could not be reached as of the time of publication as we ranged her phone but was switched off.

Liberia’s Police Incapable of Solving Crimes?

Despite sustained post-conflict engagements by national and international actors in strengthening the security and judicial sectors in developing and implementing measures to protect the citizenry, especially women and girls from all forms of violence, unresolved crime rates including mysterious deaths and violence against women and girls remain high.

Some of these mysterious deaths involved eminent Liberians including the late Harry Greaves, former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), whose lifeless body was found on January 31, 2016, on the beach behind the old Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

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Mr. Harry A. Greaves Jr., according to sources was dropped off by his driver at the RLJ Hotel off the Robertsfield highway reportedly instructed his driver to wait for him and he would be right back. As the night lingered, investigators say, Mr. Greaves did not return from the hotel. The driver, according to investigators, slept in the car until the next morning.

Greaves lifeless body was found near the spot Cllr. Michael Allison dead body was found earlier in 2015.

Cllr. Allison was a former consultant to the National Oil Company of Liberia, who was reportedly aiding the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) probe a corruption scandal. Although a pathologist was brought in from neighboring Sierra Leone to determine the cause of death which was later determined to be death from drowning, speculations similar to that of Greaves’ death continue to linger on.

Other high-profile murders that have gone unsolved in this post-war era (under former Sirleaf’s administration) include, the brutal killing of Mr. Keith Jubah, head of the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC), and Mr. Fayaih J. Saah Gbollie, former presidential candidate.

Keith Jubah was gun down and his body set ablaze on November 2, 2009, in Morris Farm community. Mr. Jubah’s job responsibility as head of a sensitive position might have cost him his life. Sadly, no one was arrested and prosecuted for his death, and the case went cold.

On the other hand, the former presidential candidate, Fayiah J. Saah Gbollie, was brutally murdered in broad daylight at his Congo-Town residence, and his vehicle stolen. According to relatives of Mr. Gbollie, he was apparently killed few hours after he dropped his two kids to school. The Liberia National Police (LNP) once again was unable to find his killer(s).

Although, these killings did not happen under this current administration, they bear resemblance to that of the recent wave of mysterious deaths of these females.

They all died unnatural death and justice is still eluding their unlawful killings.

What is more troubling under the Weah-led government is their reported admittance of their inability to bring in pathologists to help in solving these barbaric crimes.

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