Liberia – 26 Political Parties To Participate In General Elections

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By Alvin Worzi

With less than 105 days to the holding of the presidential and legislative elections on October 10, the National Elections Commission (NEC) yesterday certificated four new political parties, bringing the total number of recognized and registered political parties in the country to 26.

The four new political parties are the Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC), Liberia Restoration Party (LRP), the Liberia for Prosperity Party (LPP), and the Democratic Justice Party (DJP).

Shortly after the parties’ certification, NEC chairman Jerome George Korkoya urged each of their representatives to conduct their political activities in the ambit of the commission’s rules and regulations.

The NEC is the only body by law clothed with the mandate to certificate political parties and conduct elections for all public offices in the country
For that, Korkoya said multi-party democracy provides the space for political debates to enhance and promote smooth and peaceful democratic activities.

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“We are certificating you at a very significant time when the country is in the middle of crucial elections. By certificating you, it means that you are now part and parcel of our democratic process,” Korkoya among other things told representatives of the political parties.

He added that the accreditation of political parties is guaranteed by the Liberian Constitution. Yesterday’s certification of the four additional parties brings to 26 the total number of registered political parties gearing up for the October polls.

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Reverend Victor Saylee Sr., the RDC chairman who received the certificate of accreditation from the NEC on behalf of his colleagues, said the party is poised to redeem the country by putting it back in the hands of Liberians after several years of hardship.

Rev. Saylee said RDC’s quest is to ensure that the class system, which has done more harm than good for the country, is totally eradicated.

“We want to thank NEC for recognizing us today. Liberia is at a crossroads and needs redemption, and that’s why we are here to ensure that we deliver the country. The party is here to solve the country’s many woes,” Rev. Saylee said.

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Reverend Jomah Woiwor, LRP chairman, said despite the late accreditation of the party, the leadership stands strong and ready to capture state power at the ensuing October poll.

He said Liberians will have a say in the running of their own country, irrespective of status.

“The LRP is here to make those necessary corrections of those mistakes that were made in the past. We are strong and remain so to capture state power in October,” Woiwor declared.

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