Level Leaders And Local Governments: President Bouteflika Operates A Vast Movement

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The President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, conducted Thursday in a movement in the body daïras chiefs, directors of regulatory and corporate affairs, directors of local administration and inspectors general of wilayas, in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution.

This movement includes the transfer decisions executives totaling more than five years seniority in their current positions and promotion of cadres in vacancies, says the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government in a statement. “Promotions in this movement enshrine the principle of integration of young professionals and the advancement of women in occupying positions of responsibility in local communities,” said the source.

The movement regards the transfer of 177 heads of daïras and promotion of 100 frames as Head of Daira. This is also the mutation of 9 directors regulatory and corporate affairs (DRAG) and the appointment of 8 frames as DRAG. As directors of local government (DAL), was taken to the transfer of 11 DAL and promotion of 9 frames as DAL.

Regarding the inspectors general of wilayas (IGW), the motion concerns the mutation of 3 IGW and promotion of 4 frames as IGW.“This movement is in addition to that carried in the body of Secretaries General of wilayas (SGW) which involved the transfer of 6 SGW and promotion of 7 frames as SGW,” says the source.


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