Killing And Burning Of Houses In Aba As Nigerian Army Begins Second Biafran Genocide

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nigerian army killing biafrans

The residents of aba has been on the run as Nigeria Army begins a pogrom in the city.

Wednesday night, horror befall the city of Aba as Federal troops began breaking people’s houses, killing everyone including women and children.

Omuma road axis, Ariaria and its environs, Umuode, Uratta road and its environs has been under heavy gunfire by the Nigerian army of occupation.

Some residents of these areas who managed to fled to safety has been sending messages across the world to anyone who happens to be awake since 12:30am on Thursday.

Chiamaka, an Aba resident who contacted Afroinsider on Afroinsider whatsapp group , narrated the frightening story of mass murder and terrorism being perpetrated by Nigeria ‘Islamic Army’.

” We fled into the Bush when we were suddenly awoken by the sounds of heavy gunfire and cries for help from neighbors at Uratta road.

As we made our way to escape through the backyard, I spotted men of Nigeria Army breaking through our main gate and shooting their way into the building.

Right now we are in the Bush with many other residents from other locations. They said that Hausas resident in aba are the ones leading these soldiers under the cover of the night.

Some has given account of houses set ablaze by the Nigerian military while people were inside.

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Our people has been massacred in their thousands. As we were running for our lives blood and corpses littered the streets.

There has been continous sounds of gunfire akin to that of machine guns, occasional sound of what seems to explosives here since 12:30am.

Please let world know what is going on on we need help as soon as possible,” Chiamaka said.

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Nigeria government has begun a second genocide in Biafraland.

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