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Kenyan Presidential Hopeful Charged For Attempted Suicide



A Kenyan man has been charged for attempted suicide after he broke a glass window of the Kenyan electoral commission’s office and attempted to jump off the building. Mr Gichira was believed to have wrongfully disenfranchised by his supporters.

Peter Gichira  was among 8 candidates disqualified from the August Kenya Presidential elections by the Electoral Commission. According the commission, Mr Gichira was disqualified because he did not meet the criteria for Kenyan Presidential Election.

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The commission said that Mr Gichira failed to obtain 2000 signatures from at least 24 of Kenya’s 47 counties.

He was charged for destruction of property, causing public disturbance and attempted suicide. He was granted bail at the cost of $2000. Police said he was arrested on saturday for attempting to jump from the 6th floor of the electoral commission’s office.

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Meanwhile, Raila Odinga who is running for Kenyan presidency for the fourth time and incumbent Uhuru kenyatta who will be running for the second term in office are the two major contenders in the forthcoming polls.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta To Kongowea Traders – Only Pay For Services Offered To You



President Uhuru Kenyatta has told traders at Mombasa’s Kongowea market to only pay for services offered to them. The President said the new market was built by the national government at a cost of Shs 500million and that the National Youth Service will from next week embark on cleaning of the market.

Addressing traders at Kongowea on Monday, the Head of State said there was no need for the county government to continue taxing the traders and yet it doesn’t provide services to them.

“There is no need for the county government to continue taxing the traders and yet they do not provide the services they have paid for,” said Mr Kenyatta.

He said the Government has launched investigations to establish claims that traders at the Kongowea market were not being served despite paying taxes.

He said the national government would not hesitate to take action against those who failed to deliver.
“We cannot allow the people to suffer in the hands of some few individuals. Wananchi should only pay for services offered to them,” said President Kenyatta.

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He warned police against harassing wananchi if they don’t pay for the services not offered. The President and Deputy President William Ruto, at the same time, told opposition candidate Raila Odinga that Kenyans will go to the polls on October 26 whether he participates or not.

The leaders said the Opposition leaders were scared of the elections because they have sensed defeat, saying they were scheming to have the elections delayed in another three months for their selfish gains.

They said the Opposition was bent on inciting Kenyans through demonstrations to cause confusion with the hope of getting into power through the backdoor.

“We know their games and we have said enough is enough. There will be no postponement. Mr Odinga should retire and honourably go home,” said the Deputy President.

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President Kenyatta and DP Ruto told Mr Odinga to retire from politics if he was not ready to participate in the October 26 polls.
Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala (Tourism), Governor Mike Sonko (Nairobi), Nyali MP Mohammed Ali, among others, also spoke at the meeting.

The Deputy President said Opposition leader was now opposed to the elections because he knows that he will win.
President Kenyatta said Jubilee was ready and prepared to face the Opposition at the ballot and will not allow any attempts to have the elections postponed.

“The Opposition should stop sideshows and prepare for the next elections. Kenyans want to move away from elections to concentrate on development activities,” said President Kenyatta.

DP Ruto said the mass exodus of Kenyans who supported Nasa during the August 8 elections has shaken the Opposition and that’s why they want to interfere with the elections.

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“We are tired of their rhetoric and stories and the country wants to move on. We must conclude elections on October 26. If those in Opposition are not ready, they should retire from politics,” said DP Ruto.

He added: “There is exodus of Kenyans from Nasa because they are tired of their empty rhetoric and want to support Jubilee which is committed to improving their lives.”

Mr Balala and Mr Sonko urged residents in coastal region to turn out in large numbers and support the reelection of President Kenyatta.

“It is time for us to move away from politics of propaganda and support Jubilee that is committed to improving our lives,” said Mr Sonko.

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Kenya To Hold Re-election On October 17 – IEBC



kenya to hold re-election on 17th of october

The Supreme Court of Kenya had annulled the August 8th presidential election in which incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner by the IEBC having obtained 54% of the total vote cast. Kenya’s Independent Electoral And Boundary Commission (IEBC) has set the date for re-election on the 17th of October 2017.

Recall that a similar incident  took place in 2007 and sparked  a chain of violence which claimed the lives of about 1100 persons. The election violence that took place on August 8th was mild in comparison to that of 2007 as about 20 persons were reported dead.

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Why the first election was cancelled

The August 8th election was cancelled by Chief Justice David Maraga on Friday, saying that the Independent Electoral And Boundary Commission had failed to hold a lawful poll, as a result, the outcome of the election is invalid, null and void.

The Chief Justice added that IEBC had committed irregularities and illegalities during the process of collation of results from polling units  and transfer to central counting center.

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Raila Odinga’s Concerns

Having conducted an election viewed by the supreme court as marred by illegalities and irregularities, Odinga has no trust on the IEBC as a result. He is demanding that the head of IEBC and other big shots in IEBC be replaced before the nation polls.
They are also demanding that a different company should be given the contract to print the ballot papers for the forth coming elections.

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Meanwhile, the incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta has continued to campaign for the for coming October 17th election

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Kenya – Supreme Court Nullifies Presidential Election



Raila Odinga, the National Super Alliance coalition leader, told a press conference that projections from his own team showed he was ‘far ahead’. Photograph: Jerome Delay/AP Raila Odinga, the National Super Alliance coalition leader, told a press conference that projections from his own team showed he was ‘far ahead’. Photograph: Jerome Delay/AP

Kenya’s supreme court has declared Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in presidential elections last month invalid and ordered a new poll within 60 days.

The six-judge bench ruled 4-2 in favour of a petition filed by Odinga, who claimed the electronic voting results were hacked into and manipulated in favour of the incumbent. Kenyatta had won a second term with 54% of the vote.

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“The declaration is invalid, null and void,” said Judge David Maranga. “The first respondent failed, neglected or refused to conduct the presidential election in a manner consistent with the dictates of the constitution.”

The hearing followed a petition filed by Odinga in the aftermath of his defeat last month.

Opposition officials repeatedly described the election results as a “fraud” and claimed that Odinga, who leads the National Super Alliance (NASA), was the “legitimate” winner.

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Odinga was jubilant as he welcomed what he called a “precedent-setting ruling” by the court

“For the first time in the history of African democratization, a ruling has been made by a court nullifying the election of a president,” he said. “This indeed is a very historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension the people of the continent of Africa.”

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A lawyer for President Kenyatta said the decision had been “very political” but had to be respected.

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Again, Heavy Post Election Violence Hits Kenya



Violence erupts in Kenya as Opposition Party President RAILA Odinga claims Uhuru Kenyatta has rigged elections by hacking Computers at the totalling Center.

The figures at the Constituencies are not matching with the figures at the totalling centres.
19 registered voters in Kenya, and the turnout was good, many People casted their votes.

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This happened in Zambia too, Emmanuel Mwamba was in a hotel with a computer which was linked to the totalling Center, he had a pass words and was able to manipulate figures. The ECZ was announcing figures which didn’t match.

This is the time to appeal to African UNION and SADC to change the way elections are conducted in Africa. This will help to Promote DEMOCRACY in AFRICA. It will also help to save lives, to alleviate poverty and CORRUPTION. A PROSPEROUS AFRICA will emerge once AFRICAN UNION CLEAN UP THEIR HOUSE.

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Kenyan Beauty, Vera Sidika’s Nudes Leaked By Her Nigerian Ex (Viewer Is Discretion Advised)



By Mwende Kasujja

Socialite Vera Sidika has finally spoken out after her ex-boyfriend Yomi leaked her nudes online.

Vera who dated the Dubai based businessman lamented how after calling it quits with the man he said he would make her life miserable.

The man told Vera that he would use her enemies to bring her down and true to his word nudes shared by the socialite in confidence ended up in blogs.

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“I remember him saying he ‘ s gonna use people, my enemies etc for drama to bring me down coz doing it himself would make him look bad. I never wanted to believe all this until I got numerous screenshots a week back that he ‘ s being going about blogs claiming he dumped me. Which is a lie. I ended the relationship. But that doesn ‘ t matter, that ‘ s why I ignored when people sent me the story. But dude! I shared images with u in confidence and u do this? ???????????? really! Honestly, whether u leaked my nude pics to blogs or sent to your friends who passed it around & amp; it ended up on blogs. It ‘ ; s just WRONG!! Nobody should do such to someone they claim they once loved. No one!” wrote Vera.

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Yomi has however in a quick rejoinder denied Vera’s accusation commenting on her post that he never had any nude photos.

Vera responded to the comment in a separate post calling her ex a fraud who has fake documents, fake cheques and a fake life.

She went on to share screenshots of their conversation after the break up in May.

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Kenya – Bridge Collapses 2 Weeks After Uhuru Kenyatta Commissioned It



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Kenya Election Violence – Mbita MP’s Home Torched After She Was Declared Winner



Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo’s house has been torched a day she was declared winner in the constituency ODM party primaries.

The house in Urianda village was burnt on Wednesday morning by a mob, reportedly over political reasons.

Several household items including chairs, beddings and utensils, were destroyed in the incident

The MP told the Star on phone that the incident was meant to intimidate her following her victory in the ODM nominations.

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“It is true that my house has been destroyed by a mob that wanted to threaten and even kill me over political reasons.”

She said she has recorded a statement at Mbita police station.

Millie said some residents started having bad blood with her on grounds that she was not born in the village.

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“I was given that land by my sister but some of those people had been calling me a stranger. That is why they are looking at every means to harm me,” she said.

“Earlier they intended to attack my vehicle at Koyani village but I evaded them after which they resorted to burning my house,” she added.

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She could not be able to quote the exact value of property destroyed in the fire incident.

Homa Bay county police commander John Omusanga said they are investigating the incident.

He also asked residents with information about the arson to record statement with them.
Via The Star!

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Baringo Revenge Attacks 11 Dead, 9 Injured, Mainly Women And Children



An injured girl is assisted by Red cross official at Marigat sub-county hospital in Baringo county. (Photo: Kipsang Joseph/Standard)

The killing of 11 people in a wave of retaliatory attacks in Baringo County has raised fear that insecurity in the area has got out of hand.

The fresh attack on Tuesday evening left nine people, including two minors, nursing serious injuries after bandits raided the Ilchamus community. Among the dead were four children and five women.

During the 5pm attack, suspected Pokot bandits besieged villagers in Mukutani location and sprayed them with bullets.

Emotions ran high Wednesday morning as the two young children and one adult were received at Marigat Sub-County Hospital following the attack.

The minors, who were visibly in pain when they were received at the hospital, were holed up at Mukutani Primary School for more than 12 hours awaiting evacuation by Kenya Red Cross officials.

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Reports indicate that the heavily armed bandits attacked a convoy led by Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi and Regional Co-ordinator Wanyama Musiambo that had gone to evacuate the children.

According to Lagat Chirchir, a clinical officer at the hospital, the two children and the adult were stabilised before being referred to St Mary’s Hospital in Gilgil. Others were taken to Kabarnet County Hospital.

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According to Red Cross official Anwar Saidi, tension in Mukutani and Kiserian was high following the attack, with hundreds of residents fleeing the area.

A statement by the Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet said the attacks were triggered by cattle thefts blamed on llchamus attackers who killed two women inside a police vehicle in Mosuro.

Following the killings, the Pokot retaliated, killing 11 people – seven women and four children.

“We responded with our team of paramedics and managed to stabilise the casualties on site. All had taken cover in one of the dormitories at Mukutani Primary and Boarding School,” Mr Gullet said.

According to Gullet, the children bore the brunt of the attack.

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“One of the children had severe head injuries and another was hit in the stomach by two bullets. The other child was hit in the buttocks while the adult was shot in the stomach,” he said.

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In Kiserian, armed Kenya Police Reservists clutched new G-3 rifles as they pensively watched residents conduct their activities.

“We fear these attacks could drive us out of the area if the Government does not act decisively. Our neighbours have been pushing us out daily, leaving many dead and property destroyed,” one reservist remarked.

Ilchamus spokesman Amos ole Mpaka said the attack had affected mostly women and children, and had been expected.

“We had given police intelligence about the impending attack after two earlier incidents. We thought they were in charge of the situation as they had assured us, only for us to be caught up in the deadly attack,” said Mr Mpaka.

He said despite an ongoing security operation in Baringo, the bandits still managed to raid the area.

“We are blaming the police for taking long to respond. We fail to understand how the attacks have been carried out in a security operation area. The injured were left for several hours without help,” he said.

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Residents in Mukutani, Kiserian and surrounding areas are now living in fear with hundreds, mainly women and children, leaving the area for safer ground.

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“The only solution to these perennial attacks is full disarmament of our Pokot neighbours, who have caused havoc in the county. We wonder why it is taking the Government ages to end this,” said Stephen Lekarakoi, a resident of Kiserian.

Mr Lekarakoi said despite assurances from Deputy President William Ruto, the attacks had persisted.

In Kiserian, tension remained high for the better part of the day as armed police officers moved bodies.

“We have had sustained attacks in the area for several months. We have had police officers and they failed to take charge,” said Tyon ole Kichep, a resident.

Mr Kichep claimed residents first sought refuge at an Administration Police camp in Mukutani but the officers directed them to Mukutani Primary School.

Area MCA Renson Parkei blamed the Government’s delayed response after the bandits laid siege in Mukutani on Tuesday evening.

Seniors police officers in the county remained tight-lipped over the incident as armed security personnel made their way to the troubled area to collect bodies.

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“Change of diet has destroyed my cancer”



Gabriel Chege Ngugi, 39, was in so much pain that he begged to die. The father of two, had lost his hair, nails, sense of taste and smell, had trouble swallowing and big black boils broke out on his skin.

All these was because of the cancer treatment. It began in May 2015 with a painless irritation in his tonsils, two lymph nodes on each side of the back of the throat. Unfortunately, even strong antibiotics would not clear it.

A battery of tests later showed there was nothing wrong. However, the red flag was raised when Ngugi began to nosebleed after taking his morning showers. Shortly after, his neck began to swell on one side and an ENT specialist recommended a CT scan.

“Hours later, he had not come back and I got worried. As I was heading to the clinic, I saw him, walking with huge X-ray envelopes. He said he could have cancer,” Ngugi’s wife, Lydia Gathoni told Healthy Nation in their Makongeni home, Thika. “We were scared because four months before the bad news, throat cancer had claimed an uncle.”

The couple consulted four more doctors who gave them the same prognosis: Cancer. A biopsy — tissue removed from the lymph node to discover the presence, cause or extent of a disease — was needed.

The results showed Ngugi had nasopharynx cancer and it was progressing to stage three. A week later, Ngugi had lost four kilogrammes. Within a year, he went through 30 different treatment sessions — 25 radiotherapy and five chemotherapy — in India and Kenya. While cancer cells were being killed in these sessions, the effects were devastating. Ngugi got weak, tired and developed pain and sores in his mouth also called Mucositis.

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Eating became a nightmare. COULD NOT TASTE OR SMELL ANYTHING “Doctors told me I had two to six years left. I could neither taste or smell anything,” Ngugi said.

Nairobi-based Oncologist Gladwell Kiarie said chemotherapy and radiotherapy affect fast-growing cells like those of cancer.

“It kills healthy cells that normally grow and divide quickly, like those in the mouth, digestive tract, and hair follicles,” she said.

Gathoni said she knew it was just a matter of time before her husband’s body gave in. “From my readings and talk with cancer survivors, nutrition was an element that was missing in his healing.

Good eating wards off infections and provides energy,” she said. With that, the journey of healthy eating began.

The family did away with sugar, fresh milk, iodine salt and processed meat, replacing them with natural honey, ginger, lemon, sea salt, turmeric, chia seeds, mint leaves and wheat grass.

“Ngugi takes wheat grass juice at least three times a week. Sometimes he takes cucumber or carrot juice.

We use olive oil or coconut for cooking and take fresh traditional vegetables such as African nightshade (managu), armaranthus (terere) and spinach.

We also use whole grains like black dolichos beans (managu),” she said. At times, Ngugi takes the mixture of vegetables raw.

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Ngugi and his wife take a concoction of ginger, lemon and turmeric with honey before supper. “We have limited potatoes and many other carbohydrates but do brown rice.

He also takes a lot of water and fresh juice. He takes them within 20 minutes of being prepared.

Sodium bicarbonate in warm water is also important as it reduces acidity,” Gathoni added. Dr Kiarie cautions that while healthy eating is ideal, patients should not be misled into removing or adding certain meals from menus.

“Cancer patients need unprocessed red meat as it is rich in vitamin B12, the raw material for bone marrow which produces red blood cells,” she said. She warned against the juicing fad.

Many believe by juice from fruits and vegetables helps control or cure diseases like cancer. “Cancer patients should not take too much carrot juice.

The body only needs little amounts, otherwise it becomes toxic,” she said. Some foods, Dr Kiarie added, are not safe when taken with cancer drugs, as they may speed up or slow the effects.

The oncologist said cancer sometimes has a genetic component and could be triggered by environmental factors like chemicals, tobacco or radiation from ultraviolet rays.

“A disease must be treated with evidence-based drugs but what is worrying is that people generalise cancer and assume what works for one will work for another.

Nutrition improves the life of patients but conventional medicine is very important,” she said. Ngugi is sticking to his new diet. He exercises at least three times a week “to expel toxins from my body”.

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He also takes two Gefitinib tablets daily to treat non-small cell lung cancer that has spread to surrounding tissues. The drug blocks a type of protein called tyrosine kinase from sending signals that make cancer cells grow.

This, he believes, has paid off. “On March 15, 2016 while in India, doctors ran some tests and the radiotherapy specialist told me no traces of the disease could be found,” he said. “They were telling me the disease is gone. I could not believe it.

It has given me hope. Cancer is not a death sentence,” Ngugi adds with a smile.

Common side effects of cancer treatment: For radiation therapy to the head and neck Loss of appetite.

Changes in the way food tastes. Pain when swallowing. Dry mouth or thick saliva. Sore mouth and gums.

Narrowing of the upper esophagus, which can cause choking, breathing, and swallowing problems.

For radiation therapy to the chest Infection of the esophagus.

Trouble swallowing. Esophageal reflux (a backward flow of the stomach contents into the esophagus).

For radiation therapy to the abdomen or pelvis Diarrhoea. Nausea. Vomiting. Inflamed intestines or rectum.

A decrease in the amount of nutrients absorbed by the intestines. Source: US National Cancer Institute




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Kenya off to winning start in Africa junior volleyball



Kenya women’s under 23 volleyball team started their 2016 Confederations of African Volleyball Under-23 championships campaign on a winning note, thrashing Botswana by straight sets of 25-14,31-29 and 25-20), at the Kasarani Gymnasium, yesterday.

The home girls started off strongly with Yvonne Wavinya’s powerful spikes giving them a 4-2 lead by Kenya Pipeline setter Veronica Tanui extended the lead 8-4 ahead of the first technical time out.

Kenya gifted the visitors free points from their poor service to make the scores 14-6.

However, the youthful Malkia Strikers responded quickly with KCB left attacker Doreen Marani scoring twice to hand them a 16-6 lead going into the 2nd TTO.

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Botswana coach Thengelani Isaac brought in Tshimolongo Merapelo for Seila Koketso, but no impact was made as Kenya easily claimed the first set 25-14.

Botswana came out tougher in the second set giving Kenya a run for their money.

However, after a few exchanges, Kenya managed to break their resistance taking a 7-6 lead before the match was temporarily stopped to due to power failure.

Powerful spikes from Botswana’s Solomon Thato saw them draw level 9-9 before capitalising on Kenya’s mix up at the back court to take a 14-12 lead, for the first time.

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This prompted coach Cathrine Mabwi to replace Maurine Agwalas with Ednah Mwombe.

The changes paid off as Kenya regained the lead (16-15) heading into the second TTO.

Kenya benefited from Botswana’s poor services from Botswana gifted Kenya free points to lead 23-19.

However, water tight blocks from Botswana saw both teams tie 24-24, 26-26, 28-28 before Wavinya and Tanui combined well to inspire Kenya to the second set victory 31-29.

Wavinya continued from where she left off in the second set to propel Kenya 8-2 and 16-5 in the in the 1st and 2nd TTO respectively. Kenya went on to claim the third set 25-20.

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However, it is today’s (4pm) clash against Egypt that Kenya’s real character and title ambitions will be tested.

This will be after an early kick off (2pm) match between Senegal and Botswana.

In yesterday’s tournament opening game, Paul Bitok trained Rwanda rallied from a set down to oust Senegal 3-1(26-28,25-17,25-14,25-19).

The top two teams in the tournament, played in a round robin format, will qualify for year’s World Championship in Ljubljana and Maribo, Slovenia.

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