Kenyan Presidential Hopeful Charged For Attempted Suicide

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A Kenyan man has been charged for attempted suicide after he broke a glass window of the Kenyan electoral commission’s office and attempted to jump off the building. Mr Gichira was believed to have wrongfully disenfranchised by his supporters.

Peter Gichira  was among 8 candidates disqualified from the August Kenya Presidential elections by the Electoral Commission. According the commission, Mr Gichira was disqualified because he did not meet the criteria for Kenyan Presidential Election.

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The commission said that Mr Gichira failed to obtain 2000 signatures from at least 24 of Kenya’s 47 counties.

He was charged for destruction of property, causing public disturbance and attempted suicide. He was granted bail at the cost of $2000. Police said he was arrested on saturday for attempting to jump from the 6th floor of the electoral commission’s office.

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Meanwhile, Raila Odinga who is running for Kenyan presidency for the fourth time and incumbent Uhuru kenyatta who will be running for the second term in office are the two major contenders in the forthcoming polls.

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