Kenyan Beauty, Vera Sidika’s Nudes Leaked By Her Nigerian Ex (Viewer Is Discretion Advised)

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Socialite Vera Sidika has finally spoken out after her ex-boyfriend Yomi leaked her nudes online.

Vera who dated the Dubai based businessman lamented how after calling it quits with the man he said he would make her life miserable.

The man told Vera that he would use her enemies to bring her down and true to his word nudes shared by the socialite in confidence ended up in blogs.

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“I remember him saying he ‘ s gonna use people, my enemies etc for drama to bring me down coz doing it himself would make him look bad. I never wanted to believe all this until I got numerous screenshots a week back that he ‘ s being going about blogs claiming he dumped me. Which is a lie.

I ended the relationship. But that doesn ‘ t matter, that ‘ s why I ignored when people sent me the story. But dude! I shared images with u in confidence and u do this? ???????????? really!

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Honestly, whether u leaked my n**e pics to blogs or sent to your friends who passed it around & it ended up on blogs. It’s just WRONG!! Nobody should do such to someone they claim they once loved. No one!” wrote Vera.


Yomi has however in a quick rejoinder denied Vera’s accusation commenting on her post that he never had any n**e photos.

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Vera responded to the comment in a separate post calling her ex a fraud who has fake documents, fake cheques and a fake life.

She went on to share screenshots of their conversation after the break up in May.

By Mwende Kasujja

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