Kalu Peace Tour: Igbos Voted In 2015 Based On Circumstance – says Gov Masari

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Former Governor of Abia State Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has taken his peace tour and Re-election campaign of President Buhari to the Northern part of the country.

Dr. Kalu who had earlier met the Emir of Katsina, paid a courtesy visit to the executive Governor of Katsina state Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Aminu. The former Governor said that President Buhari had done lot for the South East.

In his words Kalu said: “We are in Katsina which I consider as my home as a title holder (Mayaki Katsina) here to see you. To commend your efforts on maintaining peace and also on behalf of the National Movement for the Re-election of President Buhari which we have gone round the Southwest to all the traditional rulers in Southwest and I assured the President that I would embark on this tour.

“This tour was occasioned by the messages coming from a former President from the Southwest region against the President Buhari which we succeeded in doing dispelling by telling them that the person criticizing the President is in no way qualified to do so and the traditional rulers agreed quite well.

“The President has done well for us those who didn’t vote for him most especially in the aspect of Road infrastructure.

“Although this is his state but we thought well to increase the sensitization to take him more serious and mobilize more votes for him.

“I also present you this award from the Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation for the role you played as a peacemaker and keeping the county United during your time as a speaker of the House of Representatives.

Governor Aminu Amasiri of Katsina State welcomed Dr. Orji Kalu

In his response the Governor of Katsina, Aminu Amasiri said he wasn’t surprised by the peace tour embarked upon by the former Governor, because I have known him for his destabilized nature.

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The executive Governor of the state described former President Obasanjo as a pretender, the Governor said: “We have leader in Buhari who is trying to put everything right, referring to Obasanjo he went on and said” there are those who pretend for a very long time.

“This is someone whose utterances are very different from his real person and Nigerians are now fully aware of his true nature and know how to deal with him.

“You mentioned that the good people of Southeast did not vote for the President in 2015 but to me they played a critical role like all others.

“If they allowed the votes of 2011 to be used to compare the votes of 2015, probably Buhari wouldn’t have been President today.

“In my own understanding the South East played a critical role like others do, if you compare the votes of 2011 and that of 2015 you will know that the Igbos have contributed in their own capacity of the votes.

“They voted based on the circumstance they found themselves. Despite that APC did their best and they did their best. The essence of leadership by Buhari as a President he was sworn in to Govern the people of Nigeria irrespective of where they come from and that is leadership.

Governor Aminu Amasiri received Peace award from Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation

“People shouldn’t vote or support people to attain certain positions because they need contracts or positions in return and if they don’t get such they label the leader as not performing.

“The elites also see Nigeria based on religious, regional, tribal and political differences you cannot build a nation on that basis. So I do not believe that we have tribal or religious differences what we have are people that are looking for favours and positions.

“If I am bad, I am bad not because I am an Hausa man, our tribal differences were not made by choice and our actions are totally different from what our religion says and the teachings are the same.

“I appreciate what you are doing as a Nigerian and as a nationalist in taking your time to tour the country to tell people the truth about the President and I pray that God almighty will give you the strength to carry on.

“And I pray that Nigerians will be wise enough to vote the President massively again.

“After 16 years of rot he has taken it upon himself to re-write the wrongs of the past in less than four years and improve.

“What the President met on ground was overwhelming and four years is so short and we cannot continue as a nation of learners and I do believe that the President needs the four years not for himself but for Nigeria.

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