Just In: Mugabe Resists Resignation Pressure 

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, in a much-expected TV address Sunday, focused on he was still in control after his dictator 37-year rule was shaken by a military takeover.

“The (ruling ZANU-PF) party congress is due in a few weeks and I will preside over its processes,” Mugabe said, pitching the country into further uncertainty.

Numerous Zimbabweans anticipated that Mugabe would leave after the armed force seized control a week ago.

Be that as it may, Mugabe conveyed his discourse close by the formally dressed officers who were behind the military mediation.

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In his address, Mugabe made no reference to the noise for him to leave.

Rather he paid tribute to three mainstays of energy in Zimbabwe — the military, the decision party and the war veterans development — and asked national solidarity.

In his words: “Whatever the pros and cons of how they (the army) went about their operation, I, as commander-in-chief, do acknowledge their concerns,”

“We must learn to forgive and resolve contradictions real or perceived in a comradely Zimbabwean spirit,” he said.

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His address incited prompt outrage.

“That speech has nothing to do with realities. We will go for impeachment and we are calling people back to the streets,” Chris Mutsvangwa, head of the influential war veterans’ association, told AFP.

On Saturday, in scenes of open rapture not seen since Zimbabwe’s autonomy in 1980, tremendous group walked and sang their way through Harare and different urban areas, trusting Mugabe was going to advance down.

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The decision ZANU-PF party sacked Mugabe as its pioneer prior on Sunday and instructed him to leave as head of state, naming expelled VP Emmerson Mnangagwa as the new party boss.

Investigators say the military ventured in a week ago after Mugabe’s significant other Grace, 52, secured prime position to succeed him as president following an astringent power battle with Mnangagwa, who has close connections to the armed force.


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