Ivory Coast: RTI, the DG accused of mismanagement

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RTI, the DG accused of mismanagement by officials seeking his departure The appointment of Ahmadou Bacon May 23, 2013, as general manager of the Ivorian television (RTI) broadcast sparked hope for the agents. After more than three years of management, this young manager is the subject of fierce criticism from some of its employees who wish to even his departure.

According to information in our possession, these agents of television demand the departure of the DG because it would not be worth relation to approximate the company management and its lack of respect for employees. “It handles Search RTI  as a family business while he has no experience,” said an officer joining date the writing of KOACI.COM.

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Agents who now want to skin the DG accused him of not respecting the commitments it takes. “The advancements of the agents are blocked. Since he is at the head of the company, it pays advancements according to his moods while he signed agreements with the staff representatives that unfortunately are not respected,”said the same source.

She argues that Ahmadou Bakayoko taunting officers asking them to rebel if their advancements are not paid. Next to the non-payment of advances, as shown, the DG employees accuse him of squandering the resources of the company. “He did achieve a marquee in the course of television that cost $ 120 million CFA FRANCS. “He also bought a show called Inter City to close to 500 million FCFA, which has reported anything to the company,” says always our interlocutor who wanted to remain anonymous.

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These costly achievements, must be added the recruitment of agents who are dearly paid. “Three officers of the BNETD have been recruited by the DG for reasons which we know. People have been loose for functions that they do not assume and become social cases,”he says. As if that wasn’t enough, we learn from another source that the tarp covering the unfinished building of Television would have cost 32 million CFA FRANCS.

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Ahmadou Bakayoko disappointed officials acknowledge that it is the single “crooked” DG Search RTI RTI has experienced since its inception. “He has no jurisdiction in audiovisual, he is forced to use the resources of the company to recruit people. “We have too many problems to the RTI, the DG is far from being a manager,” recalled a staff representative who wanted to remain anonymous. In principle tomorrow, the DG will meet with officers of the Television. We learned that this will meet in General Assembly this day because they plan to go on strike in the coming days. Wassimagnon, Abidjan Koaci

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