IVORY COAST: Lassa Fever poses more threat — Minister

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According to statement from Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, after the Ebola virus, Côte d’Ivoire is threatened by Lassa fever, which is currently present in Benin, Nigeria and Guinea.

Even though no case has yet been identified on Ivorian soil, the authorities are urging people to be vigilant and cautious.

“To date, Côte d’Ivoire has not registered any cases. However, the epidemiological situation of the affected countries and their proximity to our country require public communication about the risks related to the circulation of the virus responsible for this disease, “the statement said.

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Lassa fever, is a viral disease with haemorrhagic fever. The natural host of Lassa virus is a small mouse. It does not contract the disease, but excretes the virus through urine and stool. People living in unsanitary conditions are infected with the virus through contaminated food.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is no vaccine against Lassa fever. And the preventive measure is based on the adoption of an impeccable hygiene to be washed with clean water and soap all kitchen utensils and keep them safe from rodents, away from homes, garbage and waste of any kind, avoid any manipulation or consumption of rodents, avoid any contact with the urine and excrement of rodents, avoid handling without protection the organic secretions (blood, urine, etc.) of any patient presenting a fever with or without bleeding , fight against the presence of rodents in places of residence and any place receiving public (hotels, restaurants, maquis, etc.).

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