IVORY COAST: Committee Suspends 2018 Budget Review, Resumes Friday

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Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) – The adoption in committee of the 2018 budget of the Ivorian state which balances in resources and expenses to more than 6 756 billion FCFA was suspended on Tuesday after a “preliminary” of the deputies on the budget of the National Assembly, said APA on the spot in the Ivorian economic capital.

Work in committee will resume on Friday. ” The draft budget 2018 equilibrium in resources and expenses to 6 756 257 616 332 FCFA, up 4.8% compared to the 2017 budget, a level of 6 447 638 712 432 FCFA ”, said the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of the budget and state portfolio, Moussa Sanogo in the explanatory memorandum.

After this statement of motives, the deputy of San-Pédro commune (South-West) Félix Miézan Anoblé asked a preliminary.

” President, in the concern of respecting the rules of good governance, I would be grateful if you would accept that we be sent forthwith the detailed budget of our institution (Ndlr National Assembly). I ask that a suspension of 1 hour be granted to the CAEF (Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs) to be imbibed before it is approved with the whole of the Finance Act ” declared Mr. Anoblé.

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” Mr President, I repeat it. My request responds to a concern for good governance, “added Mr. Anoblé, highly acclaimed by his colleagues, addressing the President of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, former minister Mamadou Sanogo.

After the closed sessions that followed the suspension of the session, the resumption was scheduled for Friday. “I think it’s part of strengthening democracy. As for the government, we are happy. You have no excuses to introduce us. The beauty and grandeur of any parliament is what happens in the corridors, “said the Minister of State to the President of the Republic, in charge of political dialogue and relations with the institutions, Jeannot Kouadio Ahoussou.

“We had made good progress. We take note of the sovereign decision of the deputies. We are available to come back to you whenever you want, so that we can adopt the budget in accordance with what the constitution recommends to us, “he concluded.

According to the explanatory memorandum of the draft budget, the forecast of tax revenue, set at CFAF 3 406 008 090 526, is based on the continuation of tax and customs reforms, a progressive rationalization of exemptions, the strengthening of tax control and ongoing productivity efforts of collections services.

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The mobilization forecasts on the regional and international monetary and financial markets amount to 1 310 712 448 972 FCFA. The external partners’ assistance, expected at CFAF 1,285,207,194,944, consists of CFAF 369,107,949,000 in budget support, CFAF 755,764,806,210 in project loans and 160,334,437,734 in project grants.

The expenditures of the draft budget 2018, which reflect the main objectives of the 2016-2020 NDP, include the consolidation of economic growth and the strengthening of its inclusive nature, in line with the objectives of improving the living conditions of the population. , reducing social inequalities and poverty.

The public debt maturities in 2018 amount to CFAF 1,547,277,995,523. It concerns domestic debt for CFAF 918,980,404,810 and foreign debt for CFA 628,297,590,713.

Personnel costs, at a level of CFAF 1,635,364,461,820, increase by CFAF 123,115,457,396 compared to the revised budget for 2017. This increase is related in particular to taking into account the financial impact of new recruitments ( 15,846 agents), the bonus of 150 or 100 points in favor of non-grantee officials, promotions and promotions as well as the first installment of the staff arrears stock.

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Domestically-financed investment expenditures, including expenditures under the Rural Investment Fund (MRIF), the Road Maintenance Fund (FER) and expenditures on revenue from parafiscal cashew, are planned for an amount of 1 076 992 895 487 FCFA.

Foreign-financed investment projects amount to CFAF 916,099,243,944, of which CFAF 755,764,806,210 financed by loans and CFAF 160,334,437,734 financed by donations.

” Achieving the objectives pursued through this draft budget requires the implementation of coherent measures to supervise its proper implementation, as well as the necessary reforms to improve the recovery of resources and the efficiency of expenditure ”, estimated the Secretary of State, Moussa Sanogo.

Moreover, he concluded, “special emphasis will be placed on the respect of budgetary discipline, the strengthening of a priori control and the monitoring of the absorption capacity of credits related to investment”.

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