IVORY COAST: 460,000 people including 56.5% of women infected with HIV / AIDS 

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Ivory Coast saves 460,000 people, 56.5% of whom are women and 4.3% of children infected with HIV / AIDS, according to 2016 official statistics, released Friday by Ivorian Minister of Health and Public Hygiene Raymonde Goudou Coffie, on the occasion of the 30th World AIDS Day.

“In 2016, it is estimated that 36,700,000 people are living with HIV worldwide, including 6.5 million in West and Central Africa (or 17.3%) .In Côte d’Ivoire, this number is 460,000 people, 56.5% of whom are women, and children represent 4.3%, “Raymonde Goudou told reporters.

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She pointed out that “it is also estimated that 25,000 new HIV infections have occurred in Côte d’Ivoire, including 16% among children, which represents a 68% drop from 2000 to 2016”.

The number of AIDS-related deaths stood at 25,000, of which 8% were children, a decrease of 43% between 2000 and 2016. In pregnant women, the HIV positivity rate dropped from 3.8 % in 2012 to 1.2% in 2016, a decrease of 68%.

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“As of 30 June 2017, 279,391 people living with HIV are regularly seen in HIV care, an increase of 20% over 2015”. In addition, “219,751 of these people regularly benefit from antiretroviral treatment (+ 33% compared to 2015),” she continued.

The theme for the 30th World AIDS Day is “Right to health”. At the national level, the Ivorian government, through the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, placed this celebration under the theme of “Prevention for all”. World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1st.

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