Ivory Coast: 4000 homes delivered near Abidjan to fill a deficit

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In Côte d’Ivoire, population growth and rapid urbanization in recent years have increased demand for housing. The annual deficit is estimated at about 400,000 units. In 2012, the government set up a presidential program to build social and economic housing to try to reduce it while facilitating access to property. Thursday, December 28, at a ceremony in Anyama, on the outskirts of Abidjan, authorities have symbolically handed over the keys of more than 4,000 homes to their owners.

The keys to more than 4,000 homes in four localities on the outskirts of Abidjan, the Ivorian economic capital, were symbolically handed over to their owners on Thursday in Anyama. The ceremony took place in a brand new subdivision built by the Moroccan company Alliances.

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The prices of these dwellings vary, not exceeding 12 million CFA francs (18,000 euros) for so-called “social” and 23 million CFA francs (35,000 euros) for housing “economic”.

Mariam Bomba, a shopkeeper, is the proud owner of an apartment worth 16 million CFA francs (24,000 euros). The price is certainly not lower than that of the market in Anyama, but this purchase finally shelters it from the recurring land problems in Ivory Coast.

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”  I wanted to buy land here because we know it’s safe. We had bought land at the Riviera and when we arrived we were told that three or four people had bought the same land. Until today, we have not won. So I said to my husband  : I If we wait for this land, we will never have housing, “she  says.

150,000  units within three years

Since 2012, nearly 5,000 housing units have been delivered and another 10,000 are under construction. A performance well below the original goal of building 60,000 homes.

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Claude Isaac Dé, the Ivorian Minister of Construction, admits that the first years were not easy. ”  There were difficulties because it took electricity and drinking water for miles on some sites,” he says. And as a state, we did not know for certain operators to accompany them sufficiently. The State has a role in issuing title deeds, drafting specifications. But also the supervision of building sites  .

The government’s goal is to build 150,000 homes by 2020.


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