IVORY COAST: 4 Dead And 3 Critically Injured After Binleu Communal Conflict

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An inter-communal conflict has left many dead and wounded in the Tonkpi region since 1 December.

The locality of Binleu, located 4 km from Mahapleu, in the department of Danané, lives a difficult situation. A communal conflict between indigenous and non-native people has, from 1 December 2017 to date, 4 deaths and 3 critically injured who are undergoing care at Mahapleu Hospital and Man Regional Hospital (Chr).

According to gathered report, Thursday, December 7, 2017, at the scene of the conflict, the head of the village of Binleu, Gouagon Koué Lazare, accounted the ugly clash, it is a story of forest which degenerated in the camp named “Guinea”.

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According to the chief, one of the protagonists would have beaten his guardian, and was about to “finish it off” when a third man arrived. The latter would have seized a wood to knock out the author of the caning, dead on the spot. After the observations of the police of Mahapleu, the Aboriginal community discovers, the same evening, the dead body of the wife of their killed brother. The non-native community, in order to avenge its dead, burned the surrounding camps belonging to the natives. According to the head of Binleu, the fear has won its citizens, who decided to flee the village.

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Despite the intervention of the sub-prefect of Mahapleu and the gendarmerie to restore calm, he continued, a couple in Flampleu, a few kilometers from Binleu, was riddled with bullets by strangers. Beh Dominique, the head of the family, succumbed to his injuries while his wife and baby were transferred to Man’s Chr. The baby, according to a local source, died Wednesday, December 6, in the evening, and her sire receives the proper care. Another young man from Mahapleu was also shot in the back.

In less than a week, the conflict resulted in four deaths and three injuries. The people of the sub-prefecture of Mahapleu and other surrounding villages are currently living in fear. In the village of Binleu, where the crisis started, the youth organized themselves to secure the village.

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The head of Binleu’s allochthonous community narrated his version of the facts. He said his community and guardians live in good spirits. For him, the killed couple was not listed in his Binleu database.

He reassured his guardians that everything is back in order and that they have interest in hear for the development of the village. ” We have interest to hear because all our goods are on the land of Binleu, “he said.[tps_footer][/tps_footer]

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