Islamic Cleric promises 70 virgins to muslim faithfuls – (See video)

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An Islamic cleric was caught on camera promising faithfuls that the will be rewarded with  70 sexy looking blacked-eyed-virgins. According to the subtitle translation of the seeming Arabic language the Preacher was teaching.

The Muslim Preacher said that every muslim gets at least 2 blacked-eyed virgin in Paradise. Each of the two virgins comes with 7o sexy servant girls. you are permitted to have sex with the virgins as well as the servant girls.

For any woman from this world who enters paradise,,you get 70 black-eyed virgins. There are four types of women in Paradise.. First, there are women of this world who enter paradise.. The second type of women in paradise are the black-eyed virgins. Each comes with 70 servant girls. These servant girls are the third type..

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Sorry, there are only 3 types of women in paradise. If you get married in this world, then in paradise you get your wife from this world along with 70 black-eyed virgins with which you are legally allowed to have sex. And each of these 70 virgins comes with 70 servant girls. So how many women do you have at the minimium? He added while smiling.

Now lets assume that you are married to 4 wives each of whom comes with 70 black-eyed virgins and each virgin comes with 70 servant girls. How many does it come to? God help you, he added..

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Your reunion with your wife last for 70 earthly years. When the 70 years are about to come to an end another black eyed virgin calls to you from above. “Oh servant of Allah, don’t we get a piece?”

You turn to her and you find out that she is more beautiful than the woman you have been with. You ask her, “who are you” and she says: ” I am your virgin in paradise. Allah told you about me saying: there are more of them with u”, I am one of the “more”

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And you leave that one and move on to the next. God help you…. And you spend 70years or so with her and along comes third saying: ” Oh servant of Allah, dont we get a piece of you?” And you look at her and she is even more beautiful than the one you are with.

Do you think this is true? Is this the reason why terrorists are  killing themselves? So they can die quickly and go to paradise and inherit there sexy virgins? Have your say at the comment section.




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