Is Biafra Issue Dead ? [Find Out]

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Controversy has aroused over the issues concerning the way about the freedom and independence of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and also the way about  the leader of the freedom fighting-group, Nnamdi Kalu.

Previously we learnt that an attack ensured at the home of the leader which caused lives of some IPOB members.

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The leader has been rumored to be located and fled to Ghana and his way-about is yet unknown after a military invation at his hometown Umuahia.

But despite the fact of not knowing the way about of their leader, the group have still pushed on to their fight for freedom.

The have gone extra miles in other to actualize their independence from Nigeria.

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Meanwhile Mr. Okechukwu on Sunday, has advised Ohaneze Ndi-igbo to support buhari’s led government for the second time as his government already has the region’s restructuring Agenda at heart.

The president is yet to open up to the opinion of going for a second tenure.

But the Voice Of Nigeria (VON) boss urged Ohaneze Ndi-igbo to support the presidents second term bid in order to have a chance of producing his (Buhari’s) successor in 2023.

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