IPOB Issues Official Disclaimer Dissociates From Candy Stallworth’s Deceits

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Following the events of yesterday, where IPOB mobilizing officer in the United States of America claimed to have had a meeting with Donald Trump and that a date for biafran referendum has been set for September 12. IPOB has warned all it’s family members to dissociate themselves from Candy as she has been exhibiting nefarious and nonchalant attitude towards the restoration of Biafra in recent time.

The IPOB Disclaimer, reads as follow:


All IPOB members and supporting Biafrans on earth, are directed to immediately REMOVE every post with reference to Candy stallworth, a USA based Lady, who is being investigated for fraud and gross misconduct by IPOB; following recurring evident reports, from IPOB USA, IPOB UK and IPOB Abuja; against her suspected sinister activities.

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You are all strongly advised to dissociate yourselves from her Biafran activities as She reserves the right to seek legal redress/defence when the IPOB investigation reports are made public.

Her long advertised nonsensical phantom White House visit is an affirmed Propaganda that must be discarded forthwith. This level of shame will never be visited on IPOB again.

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All premature announcements regarding high profile visits should not longer be approved, unless announced by our Supreme Leader or via our Headquarters. Thus anybody generating such news or comments henceforth will be banned immediately from all IPOB activities & structures. Take heed please.

Chiukwu Okike Abiama (Jehovah) only will give us Biafra and not man. HE(Jehovah) may decide to use nations and men to accomplish this but we must be weary of ascribing glory to mortals in terms of ability to restore Biafra before we find ourselves at the receiving end of HIS wrath…!

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Chiukwu Okike Abiama will get us Biafra and not man…!

Directive From:
IPOB Worldwide, under the Supreme Leadership of our Legendary Prince, Mazi Okwu Nnamdi Kanu (Ohamadike 1 of Biafra Land).


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