[INTERVIEW] Buhari deserves a second term – Dr. Chukwuemeka Okwuonu

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The recent declaration by President Muhammadu Buhari to run for a second term has generated mixed feelings and reactions from Nigerians.

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that Buhari does not deserve a second term, citing weak economic policies, other schools of thought are of the opinion that the president deserves a second term.

One of those who are of very strong conviction that the president deserves a second term is Dr. Chukwuemeka Okwuonu, an APC chieftain and Aba-based medical practioner.

In Okwuonu’s argument, it is the constitutional right of President Buhari to seek a second term. Okwuonu dose not limit his argument to the empowerment granted Buhari by the constitution, he further stretches his argument to the areas of performance.

“The president’s performance in the last three years has led a solid foundation for the country. He has fared well in his 3-point agenda of security, economy and agriculture. Take for instance the area of security: Buhari’s administration has destabilised Boko Haram insurgency in the North East that people of the zone who earlier deserted the zone are now returning. Though terrorism is a war that is not easily won, I would say that this administration has devoted tremendous efforts in destabilising the insurgents in the North East”.

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Okwuonu continued:”In the area of agriculture, there is a huge boost in the production of rice that a lot of investors are attracted to this area. The importation of rice has dropped and it is a significant political point.

God willing, by the time his second term would elapse, dependence on imported rice would have come down drastically and this would have saved us a huge foreign exchange.

“Today, few private refineries have sprung up. Though the licenses were granted during Obasanjo’s regime, but the investors didn’t have confidence in that administration. If this process is not halted and the refineries commence production, also, our dependence on imported petroleum products will soon reduce and also save us some foreign exchange”.

Another area Okwuonu strongly believes that the administration has made a landmark impact is the area of solid mineral exploration.According to him, the administration has deploeyed vigorous efforts in that administration.

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“If you remember when this administration came on board it inherited an economy that was in a very bad shape. But thank God today that the economy is pulling out of recession”.

It will be recalled that according to report released by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) last year,agriculture and manufacturing were the two key sectors that rescued Nigeria’s economy from recession in the second quarter of 2017.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that Nigeria has exited recession with positive growth of 0.55 per.
Agriculture recorded stronger positive growth of 3.01 per cent during the period.

NBS identified crop production as the major driver of growth in the agriculture sector. The growth in agriculture and manufacturing is gradually narrowing the gap between oil and non-oil GDP. The report showed that in real term, the Non-oil GDP contributed 99.11 per cent of GDP.

The APC chieftain believes that the anti-corruption fight of the president is paying off as politicians and other government functionaries now know that is not business as usual.

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“Under Buhari’s watch, many Nigerians who looted public treasury are now returning the looetd funds.

“The fight should not be focused on the mighty alone. It should also involve the low who in one way or the other looted the treasury no matter how paltry it is.Peoples income should be monitored to ascertain when they live beyond their income. When people live beyond their means, the whistle blowers should blow the whistle.The president has done well in his fight against corruption and should be given another chance,”Okwuonu said.

Okwuonu has a strong advice for political parties.”Political parties should evolve a process where members would make contributions to fund the parties to reduce dependence on the money bags. This will discourage highjack of the political parties by money bags,”he said.

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