Independent MPs Opt Nancy Tembo for Speaker Position

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The newly –elected
independent members of Parliament  have resolved to field one of their own
for the leadership position of Speaker, First Deputy  Speaker and Second
Deputy Speaker.

The development
comes after 30 independent Legislators met in Lilongwe on the sidelines if the
orientation of MPs as they strategized to filed among them in the speaker’s

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Reports indicate
that independents block has advised each other to indicate their academic and
professional achievements to draw up a common nomination list.

From the
independents block, a legislator from Lilongwe City South, Nancy happened to be
on the front-runner for the speaker’s post.

The speaker would
be duly elected by a simple majority and voting is by secret ballot paper.

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Members of parliament
are expected to elect speaker, first deputy speaker and second deputy speaker
next week.

According to the Senior Assistant Clerk of
Parliament, Joseph Manzi, all MPs have been notified on the voting process.

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