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By: Ryan Velez

Last Thursday, one image from the San Francisco 49ers game didn’t make it to television, but is something that people outside of football fans are talking about: one of the cheerleaders taking a knee during the national anthem. Newsweek reveals that the cheerleader has been identified as Kayla Morris, of Antioch, California. The 49ers roster for its cheerleading squad, called the Gold Rush, said Morris is a sales and support generalist when she’s not cheering.

At the moment, Morris has yet to make a public statement or confirm what was behind her decision to kneel, but it’s hard not to associate the move with Colin Kaepernick, a former 49ers player who first started the movement to kneel while he was still with the team. The photo of Morris was posted on Twitter by @GatorLenny and shows the woman kneeling with her hands on her hips, while the rest of her squad is standing in unison with their pom poms out.

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For the time being, the team and Morris herself have declined to make any formal statements. At one point, it was decided prior to the NFL season that kneeling during the anthem was going to lead to fines, but this rule quickly fell apart before the season actually started. Time will tell if Morris is potentially subject to any discipline, especially since she wasn’t seen on camera protesting. While anthem protests haven’t been talked about much in the last few months, the controversy over these consumed a lot of last year’s NFL season as well as the offseason.

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While Kaepernick’s original intention was to try and draw attention to police violence and misconduct, many people ended up dragging this into a conversation about the nature of the anthem and protests, essentially missing the point. Since then, there’s been a lot of talk about exactly is “acceptable” and what isn’t in terms of expressing one’s self as an athlete.

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