“I Want To Die I Am Tired Of Living” – Worlds Oldest Woman Cries Out As She Celebrates Her 129th Birthday

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A Russian woman reported to be the world’s oldest person wished she died young after celebrating her ‘129th birthday’.

The woman identified as Koku Istambulova says she has never lived a happy day in her life and she has no idea how she has lived so long that she has outlasted her children.

Koku who said her longevity is as a result of God’s will however has seen her old age as punishment instead of a gift.

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Russian officials believe Koku is 129-years-old, which would make her the oldest person in the world.

Koku, from the village of Bratskoye in the south-western Russian Chechen Republic, celebrated her birthday at the start of this month with her six grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

She said: “I see other people eating healthy and doing fitness routines, I have no idea why I have lived so long.”

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She added: “It was God’s will. I did nothing to make it happen.

“I have not had a single happy day in my life. I have always worked hard, digging in the garden.

“I am tired. Long life is not at all God’s gift for me – but a punishment.”

She added: “Looking back at my unhappy life, I wish I had died when I was young. I worked all my life. I did not have time for rest or entertainment.”

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Russian officials say all Koku’s birth documents were lost during the Second Chechen War

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