I DIDN’T SAY IT WAS EASY. I SAID IT IS POSSIBLE-Cho Ayaba, Revolutionary Leader – BaretaNews

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My fellow Ambazonians,

In less than half a century, a backward country, with no values of its own to be proud of; no resources to sustain itself; and whose people we had granted political asylum had basically taken over our land, dismantled our political institutions, destroyed our industries, replaced our flag, and imposed their anthem on us. They took possession of the land of the Kuva Likenye, the warrior Abumbi and turned the Mankon fondom into their permanent abode. They spread their language through our villages until civilization to us basically meant speaking French. We changed our names from Bate to Roger and dropped Kumba bread for Baguette. All of these things were accomplished in less than half a century. And as if their magic was not enough, they did it with a single hand; and with the other, they were fighting the Northees and other domestic opposition. What is amazing is that they did all of these things using our very own natural and human resources: the Fonchas, Munas, Muketes, Musonges and our oil, timber, and rubber. They thought these gains were permanent everlasting spoils of their conquest and a surrender from a people whom they thought their fate was irreversibly anchored in the values of their tormentor. Then the never again generation of warriors struck them like lightning from the streets of kwakwa, Ndu, Ndop, Bello and turned Batibo into their Waterloo and took away our pride from the hands of our oppressor and placed the sky blue stripes over the skies of Ambaland. What they took 57 years to cultivate, you took less than 24 months to dismantle and rewrote the script of a movie only Ambawood will turn into motion pictures.

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My fellow people,


You may never quantify what you have done. I know that your worries supersede your excitement and your fears overshadow your hopes. I get the burning anger and sense of frustration; the anguish and confusion. It feels at times so palpable and tangible. You feel angry when you find your own shut and killed; when you get all the confusion carefully fomented and spread around like wild fire. I wish I had the magic to transfer my level of optimism to the ordinary masses. We have a plan to liberate you from this bondage. There will be more killings. Many more will lose their lives. You may even get more frustrated. In the middle of their battle for freedom the Americans thought it was lost. They triumphed. Who could be in jail for 27 years and still feel optimistic? Mandela did not only keep his hope, he forgave his tormentors. 1 million Tutsis died in 100 days, yet Kagame never looked back because if he did, they would have died invain. America is today our envy. South Africa our pride and Kagame is building one of Africa’s modern states. There is no Freedom without pain; no construction without destruction and no salvation without death

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Fellow Amballanders,

Let me remind you that you have built a stronger foundation for homeland than the last generation handed to you. You have ensured that the next generation will never again be treated as slaves and through your wisdom and nurtured nature handed back pride and dignity to our forebears who believed like we do that we deserve a country of our own. I do not write these words to flatter you but simply to remind you of your achievements less you wallow in the uncertainties your detractors will want you to be in. Cameroun is dissolved and Ambazonia is restored.
We must multiply the resistance. Take the battle to the enemy; break their fighting moral; destroy their ability to resist and chase them to the gates of hell. For this to happen, we must conduct ourselves as though we are under attack and stop thinking like politicians. We must focus on eliminating the threats against us and stop multiplying them. We must make the investments where it has maximum impact on the enemy. These things require a mental reorientation of our focus and a recalibration of threat level.

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We have kept our promise to the wounded, the death and the detained and millions of you still very much in anxiety. Ambazonia has risen to fall no more. Making it a contender is our next objective. Brace yourselves for more storms before the calm; more killings before freedom. Ambazonia is our gift to the next generation. We must fight like we were the last standing.

God bless you all

*Dr Cho Ayaba, Leader, Ambazonia Governing Council*

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