Hundreds Of Iphone X Stolen From Ups Truck

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Today is iPhone X launch day, and as is typical of a new iPhone launch it has seen people lining up hours in advance outside Apple Stores to get one. However, three individuals got their hands on the iPhone X early yesterday by stealing hundreds of them.

As CNET reports, the theft took place outside an Apple Store in Stonestown, San Francisco. A UPS truck containing 313 iPhone X handsets was broken into by theives who proceeded to unload the phones into a white Dodge van before driving off. The police have the description and serial number of every single stolen iPhone, with their total value thought to be over $370,000. They also have a photo og the theft in process taken by a janitor.

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The theft is suspicious for a couple of reasons. The UPS truck had its cargo area locked while parked outside the Stonestown Galleria mall, yet the thieves had no problem gaining access. They also either got very lucky or knew exactly which UPS truck to target to grab the very expensive iPhones. I doubt

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it was luck.

Apple says there will be no problems with supplying the iPhone X to customers who planned to pick one up from the Stonestown Apple Store. That’s surprising considering how constrained stock is thought to be. But maybe this is a sign stock levels are actually much better than we expected.

With the serial number of each stolen phone known, it should be possible to track them all down eventually. Unfortunately, the thieves will have likely sold them on and disappeared with the cash long before that happens.

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