Human Skeleton Found In A Pastor’s House.

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Uchawi! Have you ever noted that some pastors have private rooms in the church or in their houses? Most of those rooms are purely for evil activities. Sample this story here: A Human Skeleton, believed to be that of a woman, was found today in a Pastor’s house after he failed to pay rent and the landlady tried to evict him over accumulated rent arrears.

The source of these photos was quoted saying:

The Pastor did not pay his rent for a year. The Land lady who was angry with the situation of things stormed his home with some people in-order to evict him but were shocked when they discovered a human skeleton inside

The pastor was compelled to say more about the skeleton and he told the now congregation of people who had gathered that they belonged to his sister. “But why did you not bury her and keep them in your house?” He was asked

The Pastor answered by alleging that it belonged to his sister. His parents had just three children – himself and two sisters. He lived with them in the flat but after a while, one of his sisters named Funmi wasn’t seen again.

When people asked about her, “he would say she went to the mountain.”

She however allegedly died since 2010 and her body was abandoned in the house. (From the position of the skeleton, it appears she was kneeling on the ground, The Police has since whisked him away.

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