How A Photographer Deceives Girls And Use Their Naked Pictures To Blackmail Them

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SAMBA TOURÉ is a photographer who offered to girls to turn commercials for 600,000 CFA francs. But it imposed to allow the latter to win the lucrative contract, first photographing them naked or half.

After have photographed them in all positions, SAMBA TOURÉ began the second point of his destructive business claiming to girls in question of money failing to publish photos on social networks. After having been reported by one of them, he was arrested and in his cell phone, we found several pictures of naked girls.

Yesterday, he appeared at the bar of the Court of egregious crimes of Dakar with a serenity foolproof. In response on the facts alleged, SAMBA will say he photographed often naked girls, often at half-naked but it was for the needs of a commercial that had been commanded to him by a lady called MO.

“It’s PAUL, a woman who is in advertising and I’ve known a while back who asked me to make him the poses of three girls naked for advertising and product packaging cosmetics which was to invest the Senegalese market. It is there that I started to make an appointment with the girls who had all given their agreement before I photograph them. It is after one of the girls called KHADY FAYE asked me to go out with her. In the face of my refusal, she press charges for publication of compromising photos, blackmail, fraud”, defends SAMBA TOURÉ. A story to sleep standing up.

In his indictment, the master of the prosecution after have soaped the accused for a long time, required a sentence of imprisonment of two years closed. Stay tuned.

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