Hospital worker masturbates himself to death while watching adult film

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The man’s body was found slumped in a chair with the screen nearby playing pornographic scenes



A hospital worker was found naked in a chair after allegedly masturbating himself to death.

The unnamed man’s body was discovered in an isolated area of a New York City hospital.

It is believed the man was fatally overcome by a heart attack while pleasuring himself to a porn video on a laptop, according to local reports.

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It happened at the North Central Bronx Hospital where someone stumbled upon the body slumped in a chair with the screen nearby playing adult scenes.


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Police say it was clear he had been pleasuring himself at the time of death.

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Sources report a colleague found the 48-year-old man on Tuesday morning at the hospital.

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He was naked and appeared to be pleasuring himself at the time of his death, the sources said.

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Police said no foul play was suspected and the hospital has not made a comment.




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