Here’s what Miley Cyrus has been up to during her visit to Cape Town

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It was perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of the week, but Miley Cyrus has been making her way around Cape Town with an incognito presence.

Social media users have finally clocked that she’s in the Cape, as she was spotted at different locations around town. It’s not clear if she’s still in the Mother City, but the rebellious young pop singer obviously had a blast during her time here.

Miley Cyrus in Cape Town

At the start of the month, she was pictured by Present Space  – a local collective shop which hosts items from almost 100 South African designers. Miley made her way up Kloof Street to visit them, surprising the employees with what has to be their best day at work yet!

A few days later, the secretive Cyrus made her way to the V&A Waterfront. She was snapped on Wednesday, engaging in a bit of retail therapy – but this was no shopping splurge for expensive gear. Miley was actually lending her support to something much more wholesome.

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Davis Ndungu owns the Recycled Flip Flop Store. He takes the discarded pieces of footwear and turns them into animal sculptures, and honestly, it’s a rad thing to do. It certainly got Miley’s attention.

Of course, the news has filtered through slowly. Miley did a great job staying low-key but still wasn’t fazed when it came to meeting her adoring public. There’s a rumour going around she’s on a shoot in CPT, but nothing has been confirmed.

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The thing is though, you really can’t please all the people all of the time. Not everyone is happy that the superstar didn’t make her plans public:

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