Heavy Protest In Bamenda Cameroon By Anglophone Teachers And Lawyers

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Bamenda – A group of Anglophone lawyers took to the streets earlier this week to protest the use of french language in some of the countries legal codes and constitution. There was heavy tension and pandemonium in the north western cameroun capital city Bamenda. The city has been an epicenter of potest since early this week.

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Security forces clashed with the lawyers who were rightfully protesting the fact that there was no English version some of the legal codes and acts. Also they alleged that French language is being used to administer the courts where there are also English speaking parties in the said courts.

As a result of these protest by the lawyers, the teachers followed suite, protesting and demanding that Francophone teachers be removed from Anglophone schools. They demanded that the North west and south western regions of the country where English is the predominant language should be devoid of French teachers in their school.

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Meanwhile, peace has returned in most of the affected parts as at the time of this report.

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