Health Corner, Itter Pharmacies Alarmed

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…Over Conspiracy To Be Shut Down

The managements of Health Corner and Itter Pharmacies have alarmed a conspiracy by some pharmacies to lead them into cruel in order for the government of Liberia to have them shutdown.

The managements revealed in a release that there are plans by some Pharmacy owners to send people in their pharmacies with the intent of buying drugs, which after they have left the sites, they will exchange them with expired ones and immediately come back with police officers to insinuate the medication sold them were expired.

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The two institutions also received tangible information that the conspirators have also organized a group under the canopy of civil society organization to come out with placards at the edifice of the pharmacies giving the public wrongful messages that we are selling expired medicines, involved in administering injection and do other clinical work.

The information, according to the managements, the protesters will also come with journalists to damage the good images of the two institutions.

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From this background, we are calling on the Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), the Pharmacy board and the Liberia National Police to be on the aware of anything of such, if it happens.

We have been involved in providing quality services to the public, but not to harm them.

A release signed by both Nabil EL Eter, Chief Executive officer of Itter Pharmacy and Sirgawin Greenfield, Chief Executive officer of Health Corner pharmacy noted that those schemes are scare tactics by some of those who running pharmacies that may not have the up to standard medications and have noticed by the public.

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Itter Pharmacy has been here in Liberia since 1938 and is not only providing quality service to the public, but supporting lot of developmental initiatives including scholarships, community projects and even supplying clinics and hospitals with medications and also buttressing government efforts.

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