Has Cyril been lying? DA slam president for “dishonest” claims on housing

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The DA’s leader in the Western Cape has accused Cyril Ramaphosa of flat-out lying about the opposition party’s housing delivery in the province. Bonginkosi Madikizela has reacted furiously to claims that the local government have returned billions of rand in unspent funds.

The claim was made by the president as he visited residents in Delft on Friday. In a video uploaded to Facebook, he can be heard telling a concerned resident that the DA failed to spend R1.7 billion on various housing projects, and sent the money back to where it came from.

DA slam Cyril Ramaphosa for housing claims

However, this claim was met by outright fury from Madikizela. He rubbished Cyril’s suggestion and ended up bringing the receipts with him, too: The human settlements representative produced a document that showed the total expenditure the DA have spent on housing in the Cape. Over the past nine years, they’ve spent all of their allocation:

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Photo: Western Cape Government

The DA are now claiming that the president is making a habit of telling blatant lies, blasting him for concealing Bosasa payments and failing to resurrect the fortunes of Eskom:

“President Cyril Ramaphosa has become synonymous with lies. First, he claimed he never received money from BOSASA. Then he was shocked by the current state of Eskom. Despite being warned about it in 1995, he unsuccessfully oversaw the turnaround strategy for SOEs and made promises to fix the problems in 2015, but never did.”

“The only government grant that is used to build houses in the Human Development Settlements Grant (HSDG) and since 2009 the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements has not once sent back a cent of this grant.”

Bonginkosi Madikizela

You can tell there’s an election coming up…

Ramaphosa’s suggestion that the DA hasn’t been spending their housing money struggles to stand-up against a report in his name, too: The Presidency Report revealed earlier this year that the Western Cape is performing strongly against all other provinces when it comes to housing delivery.

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With election season in full swing, vast swathes of mud are going to be thrown between each party. It’s unlikely we’ll be hearing the last of this, as the DA continue to push the narrative of Cyril allegedly being “dishonest”.

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