Happy Father’s Day Salute to Victor Tong – Taste of South Sudan

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Victor Tong and his son Tong, celebrating on his son’s birthday

Taste of South Sudan salutes all fathers on this important day where we reflect on the vital role that fathers play in raising boys and girls. Our fathers deserve recognition for their roles as providers, protectors, teachers, mentors, and leaders. Today we salute one deserving father Victor Tong who has warmed our hearts sharing his journey throughout the birth of his son, through his first year and first birthday on social media. Victor, you are an exemplary father and we pray for God’s protection over you as you take care of your family.

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“Well when I was young in South Sudan my father was killed in the Civil war by Arabs. So I never seen my dad and I was raised by my beautiful mother. She ingrained in us the value of family. So having a son now mean a lot to me. I want to be there for him and give him all the fatherly love that I missed during the absent of my father. There is nothing important in this world than a family.”

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