Guinea Bissau – New Civil registration System in the Forge

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Bissau, 01 Nov 17 (ANG) – The general manager of civil identification, registries and notary, highlighted Tuesday the commitment of the executive so that the parents have a standardized civil registration system.

Johnny Mendes spoke on Tuesday at the ceremony of opening a formation aimed at members of the importance of civil registration in the country.

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“We have a preliminary draft code of civil registration, which is still at the level of the Ministry of Justice. It has earned a specific appreciation of the Conservatives and will be extended to the civil society itself and also to the legal community to pronounce on this instrument, “said Johnny Mendes.

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Mendes pointed out that the Civil registration is a document of all the important facts in the life of a citizen, namely birth, marriage, death as well as changes that arise in someone’s life, and that it lacks mandatory registration.

It emphasised on the other hand that the standard that Guinea-Bissau has of civil registration at this time is colonial era.

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The seminar for MEPs is organised by the Permanent Specialized Committee of the Women and children of the Popular National Assembly (ANP), and has funding from the UN Fund for Childhood (UNICEF). ANG/LLA/ÂC/SG

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