Go To War Because You Can Win Not Because You Are Angry – Southern Cameroonians Advised

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Of recent, there has been increasing calls towards self defence for Ambaland.
Coincidentally, its 50 years anniversary since the Southern Part of Nigeria thought they could defend Biafraland.

Its also about 30 years since Ahidjo and Northerners launched a coup d’etat bc Biya’s government had tricked them out of power.

Is approximately 20 years since Nigeria suffered a big blow in Bakassi in war with lrc

They had one thing in common AK47. They also had one thing in common, they all LOST

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Proponents of self defence says there has never been independence without war. On the contrary, all African Countries had independence from the UN except for Ethiopia and Liberia that were never colonized. The rest used diplomatic means. The first being Ghana.

Before you start to buy your AKs evaluate the strength of your enemies. Cameroun has the 7th strongest military in Africa. Nigeria could not move an inch in Bakassi, Ahidjo was crippled in less than hours.

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I do not want to overemphasize on human casualties, pictures speaks for themselves.

Diplomacy for SCACUF does not exclude self defence but must be government. Strategy will not be a problem when that time comes.

We can make the land (un)governing for lrc.
Parents should keep their children home for a second blank school year
There is no lrc election in Ambaland ever. Those hosting ELECAM should consider their buildings
CDC SONARA workers etc should consider quitting except they need help

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SCACUF’s power rests on us

If you start war now this fight ends up in museums after 50 years. After all the the Biafrans are learning from us.

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