Girls need extensive knowledge to avoid pregnancies in schools

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There is a need of extensive knowledge for girls to avoid school dropouts due to unwanted pregnancies. This has been said by APFB representative while celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child this October 11, 2018.

Marie Lasia Karire: “Pregnancy is a serious problem for girls’ education”

Marie Lasia Karire: “Pregnancy is a serious problem for girls’ education”

Marie Lazia Karire, coordinator of the project “Menya umenyeshe” in the association for the promotion of the Burundian girl (APFB), says pregnancy during girls’ studies is a serious problem for their education. “It is the main cause of several cases of school dropouts”.

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She says young girls who fall pregnant early are often singled out and abandoned without any information or help. These girls feel obliged to give up their studies because of early and unwanted pregnancy, which is undoubtedly an obstacle to their future. “Rejected by their families and at risk of life-threatening complications during pregnancy and childbirth, without the means to raise their children, these young girls’ future is at stake”.

Mrs. Karire says her association organizes campaigns to raise awareness of consequences of pregnancy in schools. “We give voice to young students to express themselves through sketches or songs. This helps them learn and share the message more easily and surely”.

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She says her association’s mission is to inform and educate girls about their rights. Girls should be aware that they have the same rights as boys, especially the right to education. “Young girls have to know that education at school is the key to the country’s development”.

Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, says the government has made significant progress in improving girls’ lives. “This is reflected in the establishment of an educational system that meets the girls’ needs on the fieldwork. Girls are so encouraged to continue their studies”.

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Mr. Nivyabandi says the professional world requires more and more educated and qualified workers and among them, women. “But most girls are not currently educated, trained or employed. I invite all Burundians to facilitate their transition into the future professional world”.

The international day of girls has been celebrated in Burundi in Rumonge province under the theme “Support the Burundian Girl through the good quality of education with zero pregnancy at school”.

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