GES worried over lack of attention for Physical Education

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has admitted less time has been devoted to Physical Education and sports at all levels of the academic ladder.

Director of the Physical Education at GES Emmanuel Dormenyah said, “GES wants to develop the child holistically, physically fit and mentally brilliant child but it is unfortunate people are gearing more towards the academics than physical education aspect.”

Nasiru Iddrisu a teacher at the Kotobabi ‘2’ Junior High School also told Joy News’ Gary Al Smith some teachers are opposed to the idea of children engaging in sports which has contributed to the fall in the implementation of P.E in schools.

“When some teachers see the children go out for P.E they call the children back into class because they see P.E as a waste of time,” he said.

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He added that “at the [teacher] training college we did P.E and wrote exams on it so it is surprising some teachers are not open to the idea, making the participation of children in P.E a challenge.”

Mr. Iddrisu expressed worry over the increase in a generation of physically unfit growing children and young adolescents.

Mr. Emmanuel Dormenyah said, “GES is working in collaboration with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to put in place some implementation guidelines for schools to revamp the pe sector.”

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Image: Mr. Emmanuel Dormenyah

He advised teachers and parents to encourage children to go into sports to help them develop physically and mentally.

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