GAMBIA: NAM Member, Hon. Halifa Demands Disclosure Of President’s Salary To Public

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National Assembly Member, NAM, Hon. Halifa Sallah has raised protest for the disclosure of President Adama Barrow’s salary structure to people of Gambia.

While making remarks during 2017-2018 fiscal year Budget debate on Thursday at the Assembly, the Serrekunde Central representative, Hon. Sallah told members that there was nowhere in the budget in which President Barrow’s monthly salary and allowances were reflected.

Pointing to the total contravention of the 1997 constitution, he said: “Honourable speaker, if we look at the final phase of the analysis of the expenditure side; I have looked at the head that deals with the president’s office; we will deal with it at committee’s stage; I have not seen the salary of a president and the allowances of a president,” he argued.

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“And, it did not use to appear before, but this is a changed dispensation; and Section 68 of the constitution is very clear. It states that the president shall receive such salary and allowances as may be prescribed by an act of the National Assembly. And, such salary and allowances shall not be altered.

He further argued that Section 72 also deals with the salary of the vice president and the ministers. “Section 72 (3), the vice president shall be entitled to such remuneration etc.; you will see the ministries. Why the ministers documented where it should be documented and not on the side of the president and office for the president? What is responsible?

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“And, you look at the personal emoluments; but you will see that the personal emoluments; what it takes is maniacal; just for example, let say Ministry of Foreign Affairs or president’s office, or look at basic education; you will see that whilst the salaries and allowances will take 141 million; you see that what would be left will be over 547 million.

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“So, in essence then, looking at what is before us; we have made adjustments to be able to deal with the current realities of the country. But the adjustments we are making should enable us to move into the future so that we will not be depending on external budget support,” he added.

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