Remember when we said Samsung is already working on its next foldable phone; even though the first one wasn’t ready yet? Well, here is the first glimpse of what the Samsung Galaxy Fold-Z could possibly look like.

Unfortunately, other than information gleaned from the patent documents, we know very little about the device. We scoured the Internet and turned to trusted leakers, but Samsung is still very tight-lipped about the phone’s features.

What we do know is that the patent documents were initially filed with the Korean Intellecutal Property Office (KIPO) back in 2018. KIPO approved the design in May of this year and published the documents a few days ago.

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samsung z fold design
Image renders via Let’s Go Digital.

Please note that these renders are based on the information obtained from the patent documents; the ‘Z-Fold’ isn’t in production yet. Let’s Go Digital created the high-resolution 3D renders used in this article.

What makes the new phone – we’re just calling it the Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold for now – unique, is that the front screen can be folded in such a way that it becomes part of the main display.

It sure looks like a neat little phone, complete with a double-fold screen and a Z-crease. There’ll be a lot riding on this phone if Samsung can pull it off. You’ll recall that test models of the Galaxy Fold broke within the first week.

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samsung z fold design
Image renders via Let’s Go Digital.

Samsung Galaxy Fold screen issues

Several tech consumer journalists reported that their test models had screen issues. In addition,The Verge’s Dieter Bohn shared photos of a buldge that formed on the crease of the Galaxy Fold.

Bohn assumed that it was piece of debris or even a stray hinge. Moreover, the bulge – which formed just two days after he received the review unit – was big enough to distort the screen.

z fold design
Image renders via Let’s Go Digital.

Samsung has since gone back to the drawing board, ironed out all the issues and confirmed that that Galaxy Fold will be released in September.

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At the time, Vice President of Research at IDC, Bryan Ma, said it’s nice to secure bragging rights for being the first in the industry; but it’s more important to “get a head-start in learning how to develop this new category of product.”

Folding phones are the future

Senior Vice President at the Mobile Communications Division Lee Jong-min said during the Samsung Investors Forum in June that Samsung is planning a varied line of foldable devices:

“Foldable smartphones provide a whole different user experience. I don’t think I could go back to the old smartphone platform.”

samsung z fold design
Image renders via Let’s Go Digital. Protection Status

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