Gabonese, Solena Ndama Wins Gold European Junior Athletics Championship

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Athletics: a Gabonese gold medalist at the world championships

Born on September 23, 1998, the young Franco-Gabonese Solène Ndama, recently won the European Junior Athletics Championships in Grosseto, Italy, winning a gold medal in 100m hurdles in 13 ”.

While Gabon’s athletics disappeared from the radars internationally, the young Franco-Gabonese Solène Ndama who lives in Bordeaux won the gold medal on 100 m hurdles in 13”15 at the European Junior Championships Of Grosseto in Italy.

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Very sure of her, the Franco-Gabon dominated her opponents in the series and semi-finals of the 100 m hurdles. In the final, young Ndama improved her personal best in 13”15 (+01) to claim this gold medal.

Very closely followed by the Gabonese Olympic Committee led by Folquet Léon Louis, Solène Ndama was champion of France. She had recently won the women’s final in the junior category of 60m hurdles in 82”42 at the stadium Pierre Guinon.

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